Beautiful Sacrifice (The Maddox Brothers #3)- Jamie McGuire

“Because it has to hurt before it can get better…”-Falyn, Beautiful Sacrifice

Title: Beautiful Sacrifice
Author: Jamie McGuire
Series: The Maddox Brothers

My Thoughts: This is the third book in the Maddox Brothers series. This is Falyn Fairchild and Taylor Maddox’s story. I was really excited to read this book. We never knew much about the twins as they didn’t really show up in the Beautiful series or the other books of this series and I wanted to know more about them. With that said, lets get into the review…

So this story is set in Colorado and we meet Falyn Fairchild who is a waitress at the Bucksaw Café. One day during the busy lunch hour, a group of men walk into the diner. They are known as members of the hotshot crew who fight forest fires. Among the group is Taylor Maddox. So Taylor is like your typical Maddox brother: hot, confident, smooth. Falyn is guarded and doesn’t really let people in. We soon find out that Falyn has an estranged relationship with her parents who are both doctors after she dropped out of her Ivy league college. 

Taylor is really persistent in getting Falyn to go out with him. She keeps turning him down. The back and forth is cute, but it’s also kind of typical. She eventually gives in and a budding relationship starts between the two. It’s nothing fast paced as Falyn is still guarded. When Taylor tells Falyn that he lives in Eakins this changes things because we find out that Falyn has been saving up to visit Eakins for some reason and it has to do with Taylor’s next door neighbors but we don’t exactly know why.

So jump to Falyn and Taylor visiting Eakins, we find out Falyn’s big secret (SPOILER ALERT): Olive (from Beautiful Oblivion) is Falyn’s daughter. She got pregnant and her parents had forced her to give up her child because of the scandal it would cause in their small town if people found out. Ever since that day, Falyn has suffered with guilt because she wasn’t able to stand up to her parents. She also suffered complications due to the pregnancy and there is a chance she may not be able to have children in the future.

After the big reveal, the pace of the book picks up. Taylor and Falyn start having their issues due to their distance. Taylor ends up having a one night stand and (SPOILER ALERT): gets another girl pregnant. This creates a whole new conflict. I’m not going to give the ending but I will say that after finishing this book, I felt really cheated. The first half of the book was really good, but then after the big reveal of Falyn’s secret the story becomes really shallow and rushed. The ending was a little too “picture perfect” and predictable. Hopefully Tyler’s story will be better…

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars!

See you between the pages 


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