After (The Movie) & Before (After #5): A Rant

Back in May, I decided to read the the After series because everyone just kept talking about it and I’ve never seen a series get so much hate before. I wanted to read the published version because I knew I would not be able to take this book seriously if the characters were named after One Direction members (no offense). If you want to know what I thought about the series, you can check it out here: The After Series- Anna Todd.

A few days after finishing the series, I read online that After was going to hit the big screen as Paramount bought the rights for the movie. My first thoughts after finding this out:

Seriously people, what is this, Fifty Shades: College Edition. Plot of movie: Hardin is mean to Tessa → they argue → Tessa says “I’m done” → then they have make-up sex → they get back together and then the cycle starts all over again. I don’t know if I can have four movies with this same plot line. I don’t know if I will watch this movie. Maybe my mind will change once work on the movie starts and they start casting actors, but for now it’s a NO.

I also read that another book was being added to the After series.


First of all, the what is up with these titles? Second, this is book one (After) told from Hardin’s POV. I don’t know how I feel about this because then we are going to know what the plot twist is which was the only thing I liked about the first book. Throughout the first three books, I hated Hardin, and I mean HATED. He was such a prick. With all that being said, I’m on the fence about reading this book because I was mentally drained after reading this series. But luckily it does not come out until December so I have a lot of time to mentally prepare myself. That is all for my rant, sorry if it was a little much!

See you between the pages 


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I'm Ari, a local NYC bibliophile and a forever daydreamer. You can usually find me with my nose buried in a book and my head up in the clouds. I am also a coffee addict and a chocolate connoisseur. I fell in love with the romance genre about three years ago and I haven't been able to stop reading about happily-ever-afters, which is ironic because I'm a bit of a cynical romantic in real life, haha. I hope you all enjoy my blog and fangirling with me about all the smutty reads!

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