The Sometimes Never Series- Cheryl McIntyre

“Nobody is perfect until you fall in love with them.”- Cheryl McIntyre, Long After


Series: Sometimes Never

Author: Cheryl McIntyre

My Thoughts: Sometimes Never is a new adult series by Cheryl McIntyre consisting of four novels and two novellas. It follows a group of friends from high school to their mid-twenties as they deal with a number of personal issues and overcome life obstacles.

Sometimes Never is the first book in this series and it is told from the dual POV’s of our main characters Hope Love and Mason Patel. Mason has recently moved to town with his mother and younger brother. His father was killed a few years ago and his Mason’s mother is still having a hard time handling his death so they are constantly on the move. Hope also knows what loss feels like as her mother and her mother’s boyfriend, Donnie, were killed in a car accident. Her mother was not the best mom as she abused drugs and alcohol and left Hope alone most of the time to fend for herself. After the accident, Hope was adopted by Donnie’s sister, Jennie, and she moves into their house with seven other children.

Right off the bat, “love at first sight” comes into play and normally I would hate it, but Mason just does it so well. Also, who wouldn’t love Hope? She is this spunky-rainbow-hair-colored badass who has such a big heart and loves so deeply. But while she has all this love to give, she does not love herself and the theme of self-harm plays a major role in this story as Hope self-harms to help her with her anxiety, as well as helping her to cope with the traumatic events of her childhood. Mason really helps Hope by providing that support she is looking for, while also realizing that it is okay to lean on others as well. I really liked their story and the author was not afraid to go there when it came to some of the darker scenes which I really appreciated.

Blackbird is the first novella in this series and it is a continuation of Hope and Mason’s story after high school. They are starting college and they are both in therapy trying to better handle their issues: Mason’s anger and Hope’s anxiety and self-harm. There is more of an emphasis on Mason’s issues in this novella because he also faces issues with his own mother who does not approve of his relationship with Hope. This ending was adorable and I loved it.

Before Now is the second book in this series and it is told from the dual POV’s of Park Reed and Lucy Braden. Park was in a on-and-off relationship with Hope in Sometimes Never and was “heartbroken” when Hope chose Mason over Park. So after this, he kind of puts his guard up and does not let anyone in—in other words, he becomes an asshole. Lucy is the total opposite. She’s boho-chic sweetheart who just sees the good in everyone. So as the saying goes, opposites attract and a banter begins between the two. They go through a series of events, typical new adult cliches, but one thing I liked about this book is that although Lucy is meant to be your typical “good-girl”, she does not back down from Park and does not let him tell her what to do. The ending of the book was typical, but I kind of found it cute all at the same time.

Long After is the third book in this series and it is told from the dual POV’s of Annie Phillips and Chase Molloy. Annie and Chase were both in Sometimes Never. Annie is Hope’s foster sister, while Chase is best friends with Park. Chase’s POV is interesting we are seeing events happening during both the past and the present. The book starts out in the present, but then goes back to a couple of months ago where we get to see the events that lead up to Chase’s current situation, which is him being arrested and put in jail and Annie in the hospital. This book is my favorite of all the books in this series, mainly because I just LOVE Chase. Annie was annoying at some points because she does have some major self-esteem issues, but I still loved their story.

Always Forever is the fourth book in this series and it is told from the dual POV’s of Misty Handlin and Kellin Patel. Misty is Annie’s stepsister and Kellin is Mason’s younger brother. They were childhood sweethearts who are now all grown up. The book starts out with Misty being proposed to and turning down her fiance Luke because her heart still belongs to Kellin. She goes back home to see if there anything still there between them, or if she should just move on. Kellin, although he won’t admit it, still harbors feelings for Misty. This main plot of this story is these two childhood loves finding their way back to each other. I did not really like this book. I think it’s because when we last saw these two characters, they were still children so to see that jump, it took some getting used to. Also, I felt that the story was a bit juvenile.

Let It Be is the second novella in this story and it is told from the dual POV’s of Guy and Ian. Guy is Hope’s best friend and Ian is Guy’s boyfriend. The waterworks started for me at the very first chapter. Ian is currently in the hospital after trying to commit suicide. Guy is at his bedside wondering what made Ian do what he did and he has a lot of guilt. We see the internal battle that Ian faces as he tries to accept his sexuality as well as deal with his depression. This little novella ripped my heart out and the ending was so good!

I loved this new adult series and all the characters. I think that it is a great series to start out with if you are looking at getting into the new adult novel because the first book still has this YA feel and as the series continues, we are eased into the new adult feel. If you have read this series, let me know what you thought about or if you have any favorite new adult series, let me know which one gives you the feels.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars!

See you between the pages 


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