Dreams (The Arie Chronicles)- Dani Hart

“I had made a choice, and it was one I would stand behind until my last breath.”- Arie, Dreams


Title: Dreams
Author: Dani Hart
Series: The Arie Chronicles
My Thoughts: Dreams is the second book in The Arie Chronicles. The second novel picks up right where the first book left off. It has been a few days after Arie’s ascension and she is mourning all the people she has lost. She misses her mom and Ashe; she misses River and Star who have both returned home to the human reality. But she is trying to keep herself together for Amary’s sake, who still does not know what her mother is dead. She also needs to prepare for what is to come when she faces Pyrrhus again.
As Arie becomes reacquainted with her “home”, she starts having visions again of her past life and she is having trouble between telling the difference between reality and dreams. Her father, Tivon, tells her that these are her memories that are coming back to her. As she starts to remember, she realizes that things are not adding up and she doesn’t know who she can really trust. She soon learns of a prophecy that speaks of a “new being” that will either destroy or save the realities. No longer knowing who to trust, Arie tries to put the pieces together in hopes of being able to save the realities— before it’s too late.
Let me first start off by saying that I really like the titles of these books; it’s the reason why I was drawn to them in the first place. The cover for the second book is just as pretty as the first, especially the color orange and what—and whom— it represents.
This book was a pretty darn good sequel. Hart’s writing style is again BEAUTIFUL. The imagery in this book and the use of gemstones and nature in this book is also creative and unique. Also, this book kept me on my toes. You think you have it figured out, BUT NO, you don’t know anything! When it is revealed why and who is really behind the chaos in the realities, I was shocked! Ugh, the suspense was killing me!!!
One thing that irked me in this book, that irked me as well in the last book, is the romance aspect of this novel. At one point, there was love pentagon— no joke. It’s pretty clear from the beginning that Arie and Ashe are meant to be together (SPOILER ALERT: Ashe is not dead). So when they do reunite, I was confused about why she was still thinking about the other two male characters in this book. Can we stick to one guy please?
Overall, I really enjoyed this book. I’m so excited for the third book in this series, Nightmares (awesome title again). I can’t wait to continue Arie’s journey, especially since I still have some unanswered question and I may have switched to #TEAMASHE and I want to see how life is going to be for the two of them and Amary in the human reality.
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars!



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