Something Beautiful (Beautiful #3)- Jamie McGuire

“I wasn’t just in love with her. It was like taking my first breath, then the second, and then every breath after that. American had come into my life, and then she was the reason for it.”- Shepley, Something Beautiful


Title: Something Beautiful
Author: Jamie McGuire
Series: Beautiful
My Thoughts: Something Beautiful is the third book in the Beautiful series by Jamie McGuire. This novella follows Shepley Maddox and America Mason and it shows the beginning, middle, and the happily-ever-after of their relationship. It starts off with Shepley meeting America during freshman orientation. It was love at first sight for Shepley as he knew that America was the girl for him. America asks Shepley to dinner and he takes her to his grandparents land where they have a picnic and the rest is history.
The novella shows their relationship over the years. We see the how they reacted to Abby and Travis’ Vega’s marriage and we also see a snippet from Abby and Travis’ beach wedding. A major part of the plot for this novella is that Shepley wants to marry America, but she is just not ready, so she turns down his proposal—twice. Now, America finally feels ready to take the plunge, but she fears that Shepley may no longer want to marry her. She decides that she and Shepley need to get away and she plans a road trip to go back home to see her parents. She also hopes that Shepley will propose to her again. However, while on their way to Wichita, disaster strikes— could this be the end, or the start of something beautiful?
I was a fan of Beautiful Disaster, as well as the Maddox Brothers series, so when I found out that Shepley and America were getting a story I was excited.
I really liked America in Beautiful Disaster. She was just feisty and funny and down for the count. I didn’t really like Shepley because I felt that he held America back…but then I read this novella and now I kind of LOVE Shepley. I think he and America work great together because he his laid-back personality is a great contrast to her fiery one.
One thing I really liked about this novella was just seeing the little snippets of Abby and Travis’ life and how marriage life was for them. They both really grew as characters, which was great because their constant fighting was a little annoying. Another thing I liked were the intense moments during this book. I won’t spoil them, but things were kind of up in the air for like three chapters and I was really hoping that America and Shepley pulled through.
I really wanted to love this little novella, but I only ended up liking it. I wanted to shed some tears, but I didn’t even shed one! The story was a nice read overall, but there wasn’t nothing really special that pulled at my heart strings. It did end really cute though, I will say that!
Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars!



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