Alexa Crushed- T.R. Cupak

“Ethan’s kisses were demanding, devouring, and possessive. Devin’s kisses are tender, gentle, and full of love. It is night and day and leaves me in a confused haze.”- Alexa, Alexa Crushed

Title: Alexa Crushed
Author: T.R. Cupak
Series: Alexa
Publication Date: June 1, 2015
My Thoughts: Alexa Crushed is the first book in the Alexa series by T.R. Cupak. This novel follows our main character Alexa Morgan, who for the most part, seems to have the perfect life The story starts off with Alexa at the age of two, and she is remembering the day her mother left her and her father. A few months later, her mother is found dead in a motel room. Her death was ruled a suicide. A few months later, Alexa’s father remarries and life seems great. They move to a new neighborhood where she meets a boy named Devin Miller and they become fast friends. On her twelfth birthday, her parents announce that they will be moving to a new home. Alexa and Devin are both upset because they won’t be able to see each other as much, and although the first year was a little rough, the two were still able to stay close— that is until Alexa’s sixteenth birthday, when Devin confesses his feelings for Alexa. Not being able to return his love, Devin walks out of Alexa’s life.
Moving seems to have its perks when Alexa’s sets her eyes on the boy next door, Ethan Gage. Four years older than her and completely out of her league, Alexa can’t help feel drawn to Ethan. When an earthquake hits California, claiming her parents lives, Alexa finds comfort in Ethan’s arms, but wakes up the next day to find that he is gone. Soon after, Devin comes back into Alexa’s life offering her a shoulder to cry on and Alexa soon finds herself falling for him. Regaining some sense of normalcy, Alexa starts to move past her parent’s death with Devin’s help. But she still can’t seem to get her mind of the boy next door— and why he left in the first place.
Let’s get down to the basics!
The Cover: The cover of this book it okay, nothing really special. 
The Writing: I found the writing to be a little shallow in this book. With Alexa losing both her parents, I thought that there would be moments where we see her completely breakdown. Yes, she did mourn, but I felt like it could have gone a little more deeper, maybe a little more darker. 
So, there is “somewhat” of a love triangle in this book. I say “somewhat” because Ethan is not really all that present in the love triangle after he leaves her. For the most part, the story really focuses on Alexa and Devin’s relationship. There were some steamy moments in this book though, which I did enjoy.
There is also a touch of mystery in this book, especially towards the ending where Alexa comes across a few things after her parents death, as well as the return of the boy next door.
The Characters: I thought Alexa was an okay character. Nothing about her really stood out to me, she was just kind of there. For the guys, I do favor one over the other. I am a sucker for the best friend turn boyfriend and I liked Devin’s character. He was there for Alexa, he even transferred schools for her. He was just your all-around typical good guy.
Ethan on the other hand, I didn’t really care for. In all honesty, I found him to be a little creepy. Yeah, he’s hot, but I did not find his character to be appealing. He was lusting after Alexa since she was twelve—I’m sorry, but no. If she was older maybe it would have been a little less creepy…
The Issues: I did have some issues with this book. My first one being how the guys were acting like Alexa was a fire hydrant and they were seeing who could mark her as their territory first. SERIOUSLY??!! Her parents just died, can we show a little more compassion? Another issue was, like I stated before, was the writing. It was shallow, we were only just touching the surface. I wish that Cupak would have held off on the romance and let Alexa mourn a little more for her parents. She literally went from one guy to the next and I didn’t like it.
Although I wasn’t too impressed with this book, I did like the ending. It ends with a cliffhanger as Ethan returns. Also, Alexa has uncovered some things about her father which also comes with many unanswered questions. I need to know what happens after, I need to know why Ethan left, I NEED Alexa to stay with Devin, #TEAMDEVIN!
*I received a copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.*
My Rating: 3 out of 5 stars!



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  1. I seriously take isues with all books where dudes try to mark the main protagonist as territory, it’s so gross, especially if her parents just died O_O Better luck with your next book!

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