Beautiful Failure- Mariah Cole

“…Sometimes the prettiest people do the ugliest things…”- Beautiful Failure

Title: Beautiful Failure
Author: Mariah Cole
Series: The Beautiful Series
Emerald Anderson is not broken. She is perfectly fine with being perfectly imperfect, a beautiful failure. Nothing and no one can change that, or so she thinks…
Before her death, Emerald’s mother taught her three important lessons to live by:
β™₯ Always put tons of effort into the way you look.
β™₯ Don’t make friends. Make sponsors.
β™₯ Beauty wins over brains ever time.
Taking these lessons to heart, Emerald has become everything her mother expected her to be: just like her. She flunked out of college, she can’t keep a job, and her dreams of becoming a writer have fallen flat. One night, after drowning her sorrows with multiple shots, Emerald finds herself behind bars. As her punishment, she receives ninety days of community service with an $8,000 fine and she must attend mandatory rehab for the next three months. 
In order to pay the fine, Emerald starts working Starbucks. But if Emerald is hoping to leave her small town anytime soon, she’s going to have to find a job that pays more than just minimum wage. She manages to land a second job at an exclusive club and starts making more money than she can count and things start to look up. But Emerald doesn’t plan for one thing: Carter Black. Carter wants to get to know Emerald, the real Emerald, and she may just break her rules and let him in.
Beautiful Failure is your typical new adult novel about a bad girl on the road to redemption.
Emerald is a character you’re either going to love her or hate her. She comes off very cold and it was kind of hard to connect with her at the beginning of the novel. She’s down right mean and does not care for anyone but herself. She did however have passion. Her passion for writing was great and I think that is what kept me from completely writing her off.
So of course, we need a knight in shining armor and Carter Black definitely plays a crucial role in helping Emerald to get her life together. I liked Carter! He was different than your typical NA male because he didn’t have an ego, or a temper. He was thoughtful and he actually looked past Emerald’s facade. The only thing I wasn’t feeling was the mystery that surrounds him, but at the end of book you see why the mystery is needed since it ends on a cliffhanger.
Overall, I did enjoy this book. I liked how Emerald was able to change her life around and she also made some surprising choices that I was not expecting. One thing that surprised me was that I thought this book would have been a bit more steamier, but it was not and that was a little different for me. The only thing I didn’t like was that cliffhanger and there is no news on when the second book will be released so now I’m just stuck waiting and wondering…




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3 thoughts on “Beautiful Failure- Mariah Cole

  1. I love the cover for this book!

    I’m really intrigued by Carter after reading your review. Emerald sounds pretty typical but I like that Carter seems to break the mold of what a male NA usually is. I think you’ve convinced me to add this to my TBR πŸ˜‰ Hopefully it gets a sequel!

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  2. It sounds that the protagonists are very hard to connect to in this book so I’ll probably stay away, but I am glad to hear you still found some positives in your reading experience!


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