Cinder- Marissa Meyer

“She was cyborg, and she would never go to the ball.”- Cinder

Title: Cinder
Author: Marissa Meyer
Series: The Lunar Chronicles
Publication Date: January 1, 2012
Far into the future, humans and androids live side by side in New Beijing. Linh Cinder is among those that live in this crowded city, but she is neither human nor android. She is a cyborg, but not many people know this as her artificial parts help pass her off as a second-class citizen. She works as a mechanic fixing androids and other machines in need of her tech skills. Although she is the best in town, Cinder does not get a dime for hard work as her cruel stepmother takes all her earnings. Cinder wants nothing more than to escape New Beijing, to get away from her cruel stepmother and just start over. In walks Prince Kai, looking for a mechanic to fix his personal android. Cinder doesn’t know it, but Prince Kai is about to change her life, BIG TIME!
When her stepsister, Peony, falls ill to Letumosis, a deadly plague that has been claiming to lives of many New Beijing citizens, Cinder’s stepmother offers Cinder as a volunteer for the cyborg draft. The draft allows scientist to use cyborgs as test subjects in hopes of finding a cure. But when Cinder is given a small dosage of the virus, there are no effects. There is no trace of the virus in her system. What does this exactly for Cinder? Could her blood contain the antidote needed to rid New Beijing of this unforgiving plague?
Meanwhile, a war is brewing between Earth and Luna. The evil Queen Levana wants to take control of the planet, but Prince Kai is determined to keep this from happening and hopes that Cinder will help with this plan. Can Cinder help the young Prince take down the evil Queen, or will an unexpected revelation bring everything to a halt? 
I had no intention of ever reading the Lunar Chronicles. Why you ask? Because although the books in this series are all fairytale retellings, I don’t particularly like dystopian-themed books. They are too politics heavy and I don’t find that topic interesting and I am somewhat still on the fence when it comes to this series…
First off, let’s talk characters. I had a really hard time connecting with the characters. Cinder was okay. I wasn’t instantly drawn to her personality and I kind of found her a bit flat for most of the story. When it was revealed that Cinder was a Lunar I was SHOCKED! (Um, I’m sorry can you repeat that?) I did not see that coming. I know her past is hazy, but I just didn’t guess that. However, after that was revealed I predicted that she was the lost Lunar princess and I was RIGHT, sort of (this fact is not ‘officially’ confirmed)! That was pretty typical. I did start to like Cinder more towards to end of book as she finally gained a voice and stood up for herself. I am interested to see how she goes about escaping and taking down the evil Queen and I hope that if she really is the princess, she takes back her crown and takes back her kingdom.
I think this has to be one of the first books where I was not all ‘heart-eyed’ for the male protagonist. SHOCKER! I don’t know what it is, but I don’t find Prince Kai “swoon” worthy. He keeps a lot of secrets and I just want to know what he plans to do to stop Queen Levana. Also, he’s a bit childish. I thought that he would step up and handle to possible “take-over” better, been more prepared. I’m hoping that his character grows throughout this series and maybe I’ll start to like him.
My favorite character has to be Iko! She is so adorable and funny and even though androids don’t look like this, I couldn’t help but picture Iko as Mini Mew from Mew Mew Powers
I was so heartbroken when the stepmother sold off Iko. Iko was supposed to help Cinder figure out this mess! I  really hope that Cinder does find a replacement android to bring Iko back.
Moving on to the plot. I thought that the plot was a bit slow. Majority of the book revolves around Letumosis and finding a cure or about Cinder trying to keep her distance from the Prince. People are dying and there is an evil dictator on the way, can we figure out how to resolve these problems? Every time I thought that we were making some kind of progress, it would turn out to be some type of dead end. I did like the ending though. The ending is the main reason why I am going to be continuing this series. I want to know what happens! I hope Cinder becomes a kick-ass princess. I hope Prince Kai gains a better control of his empire. I NEED Iko to come back!
All in all, I am happy that I gave this book a chance and I am interested to see what is going to happen in the next book!





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