Oleah Chronicles: Truth- Michelle Johnson

“Listen closely for the night to speak, for you never know when your message will come.”- Oleah Chronicles: Truth


Title: Truth
Author: Michelle Johnson
Series: Oleah Chronicles
Publication Date: May 25, 2015
*I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.*
A planet under attack by an evil sorceress. She has one goal in mind: to kill the princess and steal her powers and she will stop at nothing to get it.
Angel Seriki is just your average teenager trying to make it through high school. That all changes when the mysterious new student, Zander Black, arrives. Angel can’t help but feel drawn to him and sure enough, he feels the same too. That’s not the only strange thing happening. Angel’s been having strange nightmares; nightmares where she finds herself in danger, running from something, or someone, she can’t see. Her parents have also become secretive, keeping something from her and when she questions them, they brush her off.
Becoming frustrated, Angel searches for answers on her own and finds answers from an unexpected source. What she finds out will change her life, forever.
I really liked the cover for this book! The use of two faces, two sides of one person, was unique. I also liked that there was a visual of what an Oleah looked like.
The writing was what hooked me for this book. The book starts off with Angel and her parents fleeing to Earth in hopes of escaping the wrath of Sindrell. I wanted to know why Angel and her parents had to flee and what was Sindrell after…so many questions! There is a lot of mystery throughout this book because Angel’s parents are hiding things from her and the little things we do find out, I was a bit hesitant to trust them because I’m not 100% on board with trusting Zander (I’ll get to that soon) so I wasn’t so sure if I could trust everything he was telling Angel.
Lions & Vampires & Angels…OH MY!
This story was really unique because it is the first paranormal book that I have come across that also has elements of fantasy. There are many different types of paranormal creatures in this book: vampires, Oleah (half lion, half human), demons, angel and probably more creatures because there is also many different planets. I think that the two elements work well and give the plot and the characters more dept.
I liked Angel. I think she may be my favorite character in this book. She’s just this girl who trying to make it through high school and the BAM, she finds out that she’s not even human! I really liked her at the ending. She transformed and became a bad-ass princess ready to take down the evil sorceress. I also like that even though she now knows that she is a princess and, in a sense, a “savior” for her people, she is still wary of everything that has happened and I want to see how she goes about dealing with the pressure to save her people and their planet.
Like I said before, I am on the fence about Zander’s character. I mean he is Sindrell’s right hand man (or was). He’s a vampire who works for a demon! He was also a little scary in the beginning because he kind of sounded like he was threatening Angel. I don’t completely trust him yet. He could be one of those characters that just surprise you and PLOT TWIST, he’s really working for Sindrell as some type of double agent.
I personally found Julie’s character a bit annoying. But then again, that was her role: the annoying best friend who doesn’t know how to put a lock on it! She did have her funny moments and her relationship with Angel is great, I just wish she took thinks a bit more seriously. I’m hoping that in the next book she does take things more seriously. I’m pretty sure she will freak out on Angel for not telling her everything about her being an Oleah, but hopefully she get’s over it quickly because her life is on line.
I did have some minor issues while reading this book. The first issue being that I wished Zander and Angel’s relationship didn’t happen so quickly. As soon as they meet, there is that “instant” connection and while I understand why they felt that way, I would have been more exciting to drag the relationship out more. My second issue was the pace for this novel was a bit fast. In every chapter we were given more and more information and I wish that there were just some filler chapters to allow for that information to digest.
Overall, I did enjoy this book. It is so different from what I usually read. I am excited to see what’s in store for Angel next and how she will go about taking down Sindrell and I also want to see her become more comfortable with being a princess and all the expectations that come with it. I’m hoping I like Zander by the end of the next book!
You can read more about the Oleah Chronicles on Michelle’s blog HERE!





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