Life and Death: Twilight Reimagined- Stephenie Meyer

“It didn’t matter to me if she was…something dangerous. But she mattered. Where she was, was where I wanted to be.”- Beau, Life and Death

Title: Life and Death: Twilight Reimagined
Author: Stephenie Meyer
Series: Twilight
Publication Date: October 6, 2015
In 2005, Twilight captured the heart of millions of readers all around as they fell in love with the story of how the lion fell in love with the lamb.
In Life and Death: Twilight Reimagined, we get to read the famous love story all over again, with a TWIST: the genders are swapped. Instead of Bella and Edward, we are told the story of Beaufort Swan and Edythe Cullen. Taken from a new perspective, Meyer hopes to show that love is love, no matter the gender.
I feel like I need to take a some deep breathes before I get into this rant review. I apologize in advance for the following review, but I just needed to get my thought about this book down and over with so I can move on from this train wreck.

Stephenie Meyer basically pulled a Beyoncé and released a new book. Unfortunately, it was not the book most of us were hoping for (STILL WAITING FOR MIDNIGHT SUN!).In short, Life and Death is LITERALLY Twilight, except the genders are swapped. Oh, and there’s also an “alternate ending”, which I will get to later. 
So before I talk about Life and Death, I want to talk about Twilight. I read Twilight while I was in high school after a friend recommended it to me and I totally LOVED it. I was completely OBSESSED with all vampire books and I just was devouring one after the other, so of course I had to devour Twilight too. I could not get enough of Bella and Edward!  I recently re-read Twilight again back in July and I still felt the same way, loving the story of Edward and Bella (even though I was totally #TeamJacob).
Now, let’s move onto Life and Death…
Life and Death is not Twilight reimagined…it IS Twilight! About 80% of the book is pretty much “word for word” Twilight with the genders swapped. 
From the first sentence, I was like: “Wait, am I reading the wrong book? Why is this the same? Are you KIDDING ME?” I completely understand that the story was not suppose to change, but seriously I didn’t expect it to be the exact same words.
Let’s talk about our two main characters
Beau and Edythe. I did not like Beau at the beginning of this book. He was so boring and lifeless. Yes, I know that Bella was a bit of a plain Jane as well, but she still had more life to her than Beau did. What made it harder to connect with him was that because the writing was the same, I could not picture his “thoughts” as “his” because I kept picturing Bella. Beau got a little better during the middle of the book. I was kind of coming around, thinking he was all right. Beau definitely brought some sexiness to the Twilight story because Bella and Edward did not have those hot and heavy scenes in Twilight. But then by the end, I was like to hell with this and with Beau. I don’t even know how to go about describing Edythe. I feel like I didn’t even know her. She spent most of the time yelling at Beau for “being the death of her”. When I was reading the cafeteria scenes where Beau and Edythe sat together for the first time, I was waiting for more. Those scenes were hilarious in Twilight, but I just kept rolling my eyes during these scenes. Edward was at least charming…
Can we also talk about our “new supporting characters”? The way that girls literally threw themselves at Beau was so weird because unlike the guys who were constantly trying to get Bella’s attention, the girls were made to look so desperate. Can I just ask why is that when guys hit on girls it’s considered to be him having “game” and when girls hit on guys they are perceived as being “desperate”? Gosh, I didn’t even like Archie, the reverse of Alice. Like seriously though, Alice was my fave! Where was the spunky attitude and the cute hints about the future?
Let’s talk about my BIGGEST let down, the part where I wanted to throw my iPad at the wall. Chapter 13 is my favorite chapter in Twilight. For those who don’t remember, this is the scene where Edward takes Bella to the open field and shows her how he sparkles. The amount of FEELS I had while reading this chapter was so overwhelming. Life and Death RUINED that scene for me. It took all the happiness away. Edythe was just so cold during this scene. Your telling Beau that your a blood-sucking monster and he’s okay with it, GIVE THE GUY A HUG, SOMETHING! I don’t understand how…how could she do this.
Since majority of this book was literally Twilight “word for word”, I felt like the book was not realistic, in the sense that guys and girls don’t think the same way. I felt that Beau would have made different choices than Bella and maybe stirred the pot a little. Also, the pacing for the book felt off, especially for the epilogue where Meyer just basically summed up the events of the other three books in this one chapter. I didn’t understand why that was even necessary. Everything felt rushed. At least we know that there’s not going to be a sequel to this book because of the new alternate ending (which I won’t ruin, but I hated that as well).
Everyone’s going to have their own opinions about this book. Me, I can’t wait to delete this sucker off my iPad and re-read Twilight so I can remember why I LOVED it so much in the first place. I think what Meyer was trying to accomplish was not a bad idea, but her execution did not even register. If she had taken the time and written a new dialogue with the same plot, this book could of had a real chance. 





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13 thoughts on “Life and Death: Twilight Reimagined- Stephenie Meyer

  1. I love your reaction gifs, I think they sum up my reaction to learning about the rewrite, just reading the summary I felt like this would be 100% unnecessary, but I’m also not a fan of Twilight, I think it’s strange how it was written word for word.

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  2. Thanks for your review! I’ve been on the fence about buying this as the premise sounded interesting and the book could have been something really great, but from the sounds of it, it’s a total let down :/ maybe in the future when I have nothing better to read lol xD

    Liked by 1 person

      1. LOL omg, I’ve only read part of the first book but that would be…weird to say the least. THOUGH, do you watch Sherlock? because the dominatrix woman comes to mind haha >.<''


  3. I heard the reaction to Life and Death wasn’t good, so I went and looked at the “Look Inside” out of curiosity. Full disclosure: Twilight got me back into reading. I loved the story despite some complaints I had about Bella’s character. That said, there is no way I will read more of Life and Death. If you are going to gender swap your characters then do it 100%. Don’t just change pronouns and names. That’s all it felt like she did. From what little I read, I didn’t feel like I was reading Beau. I was reading Bella. It was disappointing because I thought this was a really cool idea to do. It was adding a bit of freshness to a trope that I had gotten tired of in YA (girl meets mysterious magical/supernatural/immortal boy.)

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    1. I really feel like it was a waste of a book. That was not a new story because realistically guys and girls don’t think the same. The flow was so off in this book and she just ruined all my favorite scenes in Twilight. She should have just given us Midnight Sun, honestly. I would have preferred reading the story again from Edward’s POV.


  4. Yeah I knew it was basically (mostly, apparently) the same story but with the gendered reversed. I’m intrigued to see how they dynamics worked but apparently they didn’t! Your gif use is on point by the way. I’m sorry to see you were so disappointed especially on the reworking of chapter 13. That stinks. 😦 Great review!

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