The Homecoming- Part 1 (An Original Short Story)

The Homecoming

           Riley stared at the date that lit up on the screen of his phone. November 8th, 2011. It had officially been one year since his divorce, but Riley still felt the piercing heartache clinging to his chest. It felt as if no time had passed at all; he could still remember what it felt to hold her hand against his chest, to hear her softly breathing as she fell asleep next to him. If he closed his eyes, he could imagine the way she would curl her toes whenever she was reading a book, the way her hair always seemed to settle perfectly, and her crisp blue eyes that reminded him of a clear October sky. But time had passed, a year had gone by, and Riley wasn’t sure how he had managed to keep himself from completely falling apart. He had lost the love of his life, his soul mate, and the one person he wanted to come home to every night for the rest of his life. Yet, somehow, he still found enough strength to get up every morning.
            The first three months were the hardest. After the divorce was finalized, it had been decided that Becca would keep the apartment in the city and Riley would move back to his hometown, Crook Ridge. His parents had left him their house and he had hoped that being in a place of familiarity would give him some sense of comfort. Unfortunately, being alone in a house that was once filled with people, laughter, and love only reminded him of how lonely he was without her. What once was a place of family and security was now a constant reminder of everything he once had as a child and of nothing he would ever have with Becca.
            During the day he could busy himself with work and routine. But when night crept up on him, his mind became a torture chamber. Every memory they had ever shared together would flood through like tidal waves, and he was too overwhelmed with pain and longing to keep himself from drowning. The last thought that would trickle through before he gave into the surrender of slumber was the idea that Becca had no trouble sleeping at night—even worst—she wasn’t sleeping alone.
∴ Copyright of @thedaydreamingbookworm. Under no circumstances may any part of this story be reproduced and used without prior permission from the author.

Hey Book Lions!
I wanted to do something FUN and a little different on my blog and since Halloween is this weekend, what better way to celebrate it than by reading a scary story! I actually wrote this piece for my creative writing class and my classmates were scared so hopefully this gives you all some chills.
This short story will be split into five parts since it would be too much to put in one post. I, in no shape, way or form, claim to be an expert in writing. I just wanted to to do this for fun. Let me know what you think down below! I hope you enjoy the first part of this story and continue reading over the next few days! 



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