Alexa Loved- T.R. Cupak

“…I don’t want to be your first or your second. I want to be your only choice.”- Devin, Alexa Loved

Title: Alexa Loved
Author: T.R. Cupak
Series: Alexa
Publication Date: October 6, 2015
Alexa Loved is the second installment in the Alexa series.
After everything Alexa has faced since losing her parents, she finally feels like things are getting back to normal. She’s selling her childhood home and starting over. She’s graduating high school and going off to university with her boyfriend, Devin. Devin: her best friend, her soulmate, the guy who was there to pick up the pieces. Alexa is ready to start her new life with Devin and move forward from this devastating loss.
But everything comes to a halt when Ethan Gage walks back into her life. For years, Alexa has wanted Ethan but after one passionate night, Ethan ups a leaves Alexa without even a goodbye. Now, he is back and ready to claim what is “his” and this time, he’s not going anywhere.
Now Alexa must choose between: Ethan, her childhood crush who broke her heart or Devin, the guy who put the pieces back together.
I read the first book in the Alexa series, Alexa Crushed (Full Review HERE.), a few months ago and it ended on such a cliffhanger and I wanted to know what was going to happen, so I decided to pick up the next book. BIG MISTAKE! This book was not what I expected it to be. I was so frustrated—WITH EVERYTHING! This book had so much potential to be good…
The story continues right where the first book leaves off. Ethan has returned and he wants a chance to explain himself and to prove that he worthy of Alexa’s love. Alexa, who is now in a committed relationship with Devin, does not want to give Ethan a chance to explain because she has moved on with her life and from Ethan. But Ethan does not want to take no for an answer, so he tries all attempts to get Alexa to hear him out and eventually she does give in. Ethan states that his reason for leaving was to protect Alexa from his stepmother, Olivia, who wanted to hurt Alexa. According to Ethan, Olivia is obsessed with controlling all the men in her life and hates anyone who takes their attention away from her. Olivia knew that Ethan loved Alexa for a while and Olivia envied Alexa because of this. So in order to protect her, Ethan left in hopes of taking of easing the tension and getting Olivia to leave Alexa alone.
After Ethan’s big confession, everything from then on pretty much annoyed me in this book. The reason why I was so annoyed was because there were many unanswered questions at the end of the first book (like: was her parents death really an accident, what was on the Micro SD card, why would someone try to harm her parents, etc.) and I thought that this book would provide answers them and they started to at the beginning of the book, but after Ethan’s confession the book shifts and the main focus becomes the love triangle ONCE AGAIN! So typical and unnecessary. 
The writing in this book made me cringe. There were a number of similes throughout this book that were just so ridiculous and made no sense. I don’t understand how everything is comparable to sex. I couldn’t take this book seriously because of that. Alexa’s life is in danger and all she can think about is sex. The writing was also choppy and it didn’t flow. I just felt like the chapters were not really connected and Alexa spends majority of the book just passing out or being in a daze. There is a plot twist that happens in this book and I did not see that coming. While I do commend the author on taking that risk, I felt that it was a cop-out because the guy who Alexa ends up with is not by choice, but rather by default. 
I don’t plan on continuing the Alexa series. Honestly, I felt that this could have been a pretty decent series, but the lack of plot and abundance of clichés made this story unbearable to read. 




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