The Black Lotus Series- E.K. Blair

“This is about righting the wrong. This is revenge, and I’m ready.”- Blair, Bang

The Black L7otusSeries
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Series: The Black Lotus Series
Author: E.K. Blair


The Black Lotus series is a dark, disturbing, shocking contemporary by E.K. Blair consisting of three novels. For this review, I will only be discussing the first two books in the series since the third book has yet to be released. THIS SERIES IS NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART! This series deals with a number of dark themes, like rape and abuse, that are both graphic and disturbing, so fair warning to all those who decide to start this series!


21459365Elizabeth Archer is seeking revenge after years of suffering. At the age of five, her world was turned upside down after being taken from her father and put into the foster system. She bounced from house to house, eventually ending up in a home where she faced years of torment and abuse.                                                                                                                    Now that  she’s all grown up, she’s ready to take her revenge and make the one person who ruined her life pay— her husband.



After losing everything she has ever cared about, 21860884Elizabeth sets off to Scotland in hopes of finding some sense of peace before she disappears one last time.                                                                                                              What she finds, shocks her to the core, but gives her hope all at the same time. Can she finally get her happy ending, or will her decisions from the past come back to haunt her?





I needed a book that would shock my system and help me get over a major book hangover so I decided to start the Black Lotus series. Needless to say, IT WORKED! This series consumed my life for two days and left me with the worst feelings in the best kind of way.
My reaction after finishing Bang was basically this: OMFG, WHAT DID I JUST READ?! I knew that this series was dark, but I underestimated how dark it really was.                                                              Elizabeth wants to make the man who ruined her life pay for all the suffering he has put her through. That man also happens to be her husband. But she doesn’t plan on getting her own hands dirty, so when she meets Declan McKinnon, she immediately decides that he is the man for the job. She seduces Declan into falling for her and so begins Phase One of her revenge plot.
I have to say, I didn’t think that I would ever read another book where I absolutely HATED all the  characters. Here are some reasons why:
Elizabeth: Even after her horrific childhood, she still chooses to participate in a BDSM relationship with Declan. While I have no issue with BDSM, Elizabeth should have not stayed in that relationship because it just caused her to relive all the trauma she endured as a child.
Declan: Arrogant, possessive, demanding…NO!
Pike: OMG, I CAN’T EVEN TALK ABOUT PIKE and the things he does in this book, especially to Elizabeth. She did not deserve that and I think he got what he deserved, I don’t care how much Elizabeth loved him!
Bennett: MAYBE, if you spent a little more time at home you would have seen your end coming!
I did not like any of them, but I think that’s the point. You’re not suppose to like them! This book is dark and twisted and so are the characters. LIFE IS UGLY and this book highlights those uglier side of life. I have to commend the author on writing such a book because there were many times I had to put this book down and walk away because things just became to much and I could not handle it.
I admit that I saw the plot twist and ending coming pretty early on in the book, but I was still not prepared for how everything went down. NOTHING can prepare you for that ending. The execution was deadly.
I immediately started Echo after I finished Bang and I don’t think that was the best choice because OMFG, I DON’T EVEN THINK I CAN PROCESS WHAT I JUST READ!                                                              Echo picks up right where we left off in Bang, with Elizabeth covered in blood—gross! After having lost everything she has ever loved, Elizabeth just wants to disappear forever. But before she does that, she wants to visit the Declan’s home, which would have been their home if it weren’t for her selfish decisions. So she books a flight to Scotland and heads to the great mansion only to find the last thing she never expect— Declan ALIVE!
You’d think that maybe I would be a little more sympathetic to Elizabeth’s character after reading about her past and seeing her mourn, but no, I still don’t like her, or any of the other characters in this series. I hated Declan even more in this book because of how he just violates Elizabeth on so many levels, yet Elizabeth still chooses to stay. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!
There were many plot twist in this book and I saw NONE OF THEM coming. I was shocked, COMPLETELY shocked by the revelations in this book because all the characters are actually connected to each other, but you don’t find that out until the end and I couldn’t believe that I didn’t even see that coming. This book also end with a cliffhanger and the possibility of another character “rising from the dead”. I have my theories about who this character could possibly be and I can’t even imagine how this will all play out in the last book.
Even though I hated all the characters, I still enjoyed this series. This is such a well-written series and if dark, twisted contemporaries are your thing, I HIGHLY suggest this series. For an author to write about such dark themes takes some strength because you have to go to a dark place to write such things and that can take a lot out of a person.
I am so excited for the release of Hush to see how this series is wrapped up and although I hate all the characters, I do hope that Elizabeth does get her happy ending because honestly, she deserves it.





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