The Infinity Dreams Award

infinity dreams award

Hi Friends!
Many thanks to The Mystery Reader for nominating me!!
The Rules:
Thank and link the blog that nominated you.
Tell us 11 facts about you.
Answer the questions set by your nominee.
Nominate 11 more people for this award.
This is my last semester of college and I’m SO FREAKIN’ EXCITED
Also, I have no idea what I want to with my life now that college is coming to an end. Let the soul searching begin!
My favorite season is Autumn because I get to wear LEATHER! Leather boots, leather jacket…I feel like a BADASS!
I have a sister who is three years younger than me and we are complete opposites. 
I love to walk around NYC in between classes and explore all the little shops.
I am forever daydreaming (hence the name of this blog). 
I am a true Pisces at heart. We are a force to be RECKON with!
My top two favorite movies are Ten Inch Hero and Daydream Nation.
I am currently obsessed with Made in the A.M. This album is LIFE!
I have NO FILTER! I am constantly word vomiting and saying random things. 
Lysandra is my TWIN. Ghost Leopard is my SPIRIT ANIMAL.
hello! (2)

♥ How long have you been blogging for? and why did you start?

The end of November marks my five month blogaversary! I started blogging because I had a lot of FEELS about books and I needed to vent. 

♥ Are you a chocolate lover?

Lover, no. ADDICT is a better suited word. I LOVE chocolate (even though I’m lactose intolerant)! 

♥ Are you excited for Christmas? What’s on your list to Santa?

Christmas is my FAVORITE time of the year, but not because of the presents. Christmas is actually a really big holiday where I’m from (Guyana). Every year, my mom makes this special dish and it’s so YUMMY and that’s what I look forward to most every Christmas.

♥ Would you rather only read new books or only reread your favourite books?

I would rather only read new books because if I kept re-reading my favorite books, I’m pretty sure I would start to hate them and then they would no longer be my favorite.

♥ Tea or Coffee? or neither?

COFFEE ADDICT! I drink about three cups of coffee a day, I can’t get enough.

♥ What is one item you can’t live without?

My iPad mini. It literally has my life on it. My books, my music, EVERYTHING!

♥ If you could bring someone back from the dead, who would it be and why?

 I would want to bring back all my parakeets that died because I miss their singing.

♥ What quote do you live by? or if not…what is your favourite quote?

I don’t really live by any quote but my favorite book quote is:

 If you could only have one social media platform, which one would it be? Facebook/Twitter/Instagram?

Twitter for sure! I love interacting with other bloggers from around the world and finding new books to add to my TBR.

♥ When you look back on your life, what is your best memory to date?

I would say the day I brought home Kora, my favorite four-legged human (she does not like to be called a dog!). She just makes life so much fun.

♥ Current favourite song?

Like I said before, I am currently OBSESSED with Made in the A.M. and I can’t pick one song. I LOVE them all!
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Cristina @ My Tiny Obsessions
Bea @ Confessions of a Pinay Bookaholic
Safa @ Books Over People
Christine @ Tine’s Reviews
Pearl @ Bibliopearl
El @ The Bookish Damselle

hello! (1)

  1. What is your ALL TIME favorite snack?
  2. What is your MOST anticipated release for 2016?
  3. Who is your OTP?
  4. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
  5. What is your favorite season?
  6. What is your favorite movie?
  7. What is one book you will always recommend?
  8. If you could ship yourself with any book character, who would it be and why?
  9. What is your favorite genre to read?
  10. Do you lend out your books?
  11. If you could have brunch with any author who would it be?
Thanks again to The Mystery Reader for nominating me!



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I'm Ari, a local NYC bibliophile and a forever daydreamer. You can usually find me with my nose buried in a book and my head up in the clouds. I am also a coffee addict and a chocolate connoisseur. I fell in love with the romance genre about three years ago and I haven't been able to stop reading about happily-ever-afters, which is ironic because I'm a bit of a cynical romantic in real life, haha. I hope you all enjoy my blog and fangirling with me about all the smutty reads!

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