Thrive by Krista & Becca Ritchie

“We aren’t connected by our addictions. But by our childhood. Souls fused together from the very, very start.”- Lily, Thrive


Title: Thrive
Author: Krista & Becca Ritchie
Series: Addicted
Publication Date: July 18, 2014
Publisher: Self-published

Links: Goodreads | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Book Depository

Rating: ★★★½

Synopsis via Goodreads: Two years will change them forever.

When rumors spread like wildfire—like having three-ways with her boyfriend’s rock climbing brother—Lily Calloway spirals into a dark place. Her bedroom. Loren Hale is more confident and determined to keep their sex life private, even from their friends, and he helps Lily in the only way he knows how. But how much love is too much?

Their lives are filmed, watched, and criticized. And through it all, Lily and Loren have to face enemies they never thought they’d see, demons they don’t know if they should bury, and setbacks they didn’t think they’d meet. Not this soon.

And one rumor could be too much for them to handle. It will test their greatest limitations, and if they don’t hold onto each other, someone is going to drown.

A full-length New Adult Romance that bridges the gap between the second and third books. Thrive must be read before Addicted After All if you have not read the Calloway Sisters spin-off series.


Firstly, if you have not read Kiss the Sky or Hothouse Flower and plan on reading them, DON’T READ THIS BOOK as it contains spoilers for both those books. BUT, if you have no intention of reading the Calloway Sisters series, then proceed and immerse yourself in the LiLo feels. But really, you should reconsider your decision to read Kiss the Sky and Hothouse Flower if you had no intentions of doing so in the first place. THEY ARE AMAZING AND WILL IMPROVE YOUR READING EXPERIENCE OF THE ADDICTED SERIES TIMES A MILLION!

Thrive continues where Addicted for Now left off as Lily and Loren are still dealing with the aftermath of having Lily’s addiction made public. With the media constantly making negative commentaries and assumptions about their relationship, these two find it harder and harder to resist their compulsions. As more and more rumors emerge, one rumor in particular will push someone to their breaking point and giving into their addiction.

Thrive is very much a filler installment and is basically just Kiss the Sky and Hothouse Flower told from Lily and Loren’s POV. Thrive is probably my least favorite book throughout this series as a lot of the events that occurred are nothing new since they already happened in the previous two books. The first half of the book was a bit slow for me as we see how being on the reality show has affected Lily and Loren and their relationship. I was looking for that emotional connection I felt when I was reading Ricochet, but I was just not getting it in the first half of Thrive. But, things did manage to pick up for me during the second half of the book and I WAS AN EMOTIONAL WRECK. Loren’s POV slayed my feels. Watching him break down, broke me down.  I’m so used to seeing Loren as the stronger one, but everyone has their limits and it was rough seeing him finally reach his.

Despite both Lily and Loren’s setbacks in this book, they also took many steps forward. Lily is getting better at controlling her compulsions even though her anxiety is at an all time high with all the rumors swirling around. She and Loren are also running a successful shop which is quite a big step for Lily considering she used to spend most of her days hiding away in her room. She also graduated college! GO LILY! As for Loren, he takes steps to start fully trusting his brother, Ryke. They are going to need each other now more than ever and I’m looking forward to seeing where things go from here for these two.

While Thrive was mainly a filler, I don’t think that it was an unnecessary installment. Even though I didn’t enjoy it as much as the previous installments, the ending made up for the slow beginning and I’m so anxious to see how Lily and Loren’s story wraps up. I’M NOT READY BUT AT THE SAME TIME I AM READY. BRING ON THE LILO FEELS!


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