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Rants & Rambles is a weekly feature where I share my own personal thoughts and opinions about both bookish and blogging related topics. As stated, these are MY OWN opinions and while you can choose to disagree with it, I hope that you at least respect it.

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*HEAVY SIGH* I’ve been putting off writing this discussion posts for about two months now and I think I’m finally ready to tackle this discussion. I’ve been avoiding this topic not because of the reactions it might get, but rather I was having a difficult time accepting the fact that I MAY BE OUTGROWING YA….

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Saying that sentence out loud leaves somewhat of a bitter taste in my mouth because I really don’t want that statement to be true. Quite frankly, I’m still having a hard time accepting this maybe truth, but in all honestly, me and YA have just not been seeing eye to eye for the past few months now. I’ve tried, really tried, to push through in hopes of finding a YA book that I could “click with”, but it was just NOT HAPPENING for me.

Initially, I thought that this could just be another slump. Maybe I was in a YA slump and I just needed to take a step back from the genre. But after many attempts of trying to pick up a new YA release only to end up putting it back down, I now know that’s not the case for me. Even when it came to the new releases of some of my favorite YA authors, I still could not bring myself to read them. I’ve had Run by Kody Keplinger sitting on my shelf for months and I have yet to actually open the book. If you asked me last year if I was excited for this book, my response would’ve been: “HELL YEAH!”. But now, not so much. I know what a reading slump feels like and THIS IS NOT ONE!

I think my age and where I am right now in life are two major reasons why I feel disconnected with the YA genre. I recently graduated college and I’m trying to figure out what I want to do with the rest of my life and those are NOT topics that YA books focus on. These are topics that you would find in NA and Adult books and it’s why I’ve been reading more books from these two genres lately. It’s ironic because I’ve always been hesitant to pick up Adult fiction, but now, I’ve been actively checking out books in this genre and I’ve been enjoying them. I feel connected to the characters in these books because many of them are going through things I’m currently going through and I can relate to that. I don’t have this same character connection with YA books and it sucks. Connecting with characters is one of the major reasons WHY I READ in the first place, so if I don’t have that connection, I’m not going to like a book. Plain and simple, this feeling sucks!

Personally, I don’t think me outgrowing YA should be a bad thing, but as a blogger who is reviewing books in a community where YA dominates, this could become somewhat of an issue. I am all for “blogging for you”, but at the same time, I don’t want to stop reviewing YA book just because I don’t want to read them. What would happen to the readers who followed my blog because I reviewed upcoming YA releases? What about the other bloggers I’ve met and connected with because we had similar taste in YA books? I don’t want to lose those connections I’ve made with those people and right now I’m kind of stuck and not sure what to do. It’s been a rough few months with YA and it has just left me feeling a disconnected from the community as a whole.

I think I may just take a break from YA for the rest of the year and start fresh in 2017. Maybe things will change and I’ll find that one book that gets me hooked back on the genre, but for now I’m going to read books that I know I’m going to enjoy. Hopefully I can discover some new authors from the Adult genre while taking this break from YA. And hopefully, me and YA can find a way to make up…

That is all for this week’s Rants & Rambles. I hope you enjoyed my random thoughts!

Have you’ve ever outgrown a genre?

Let me know in the comments!

-Ari (2)


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20 thoughts on “Am I Outgrowing YA? | Rants & Rambles

  1. Yes!!!!! I honestly thought about this just yesterday. I’m 23, almost 24 and I think I’m kind of tired of reading about 16 year olds who play little games with significant others. I’m kind of tired of romance being “hushed” and unrealistic teenagers being the savior of the world.

    Shmeh. Do you have any adult fantasy recommendations?


  2. This is exactly what I feel.. Lately, I’m more into NA and Adult books than YA. Everytime I am trying to read a YA book I tend to put it down because I just wasn’t into it. I’ve been selective since then and root for more thought provoking subjects.


  3. I was thinking about this topic the other day, but in a different way. I kind of feel like maybe I’ve outgrown adult contemporary romance because all I want to do is read NA books. But then I got to thinking that maybe that’s not entirely true because if it’s an amazing adult contemporary, I still love it. I’m starting to think that reading so many book and dissecting them has just made me realize what amazing writing is. The books that are truly great stand out in any genre.


  4. This thought has definitely crossed my mind, especially in the years since finishing university. I had a good year where I didn’t even touch the genre. But as I’ve experimented more and did some reflection on my notes and rating from books, I’ve found that while I’ve definitely outgrown many contemporary ya books, I still enjoy the fantasy and scifi. As long as it’s not predominantly taking place in school, I can handle it better. I still pick up the odd contemporary ya, but not often.

    As far as blogging goes, blog about the books what you want. Either you’ll introduce your readers to new books or people who like your current reads will find you.


  5. I feel like I’ve outgrown certain YA genre types. Like YA contemporaries rarely do anything for me because I don’t enjoy the petty problems teenagers go through (typically) in those novels. I just find myself rolling my eyes and getting annoyed with the characters.

    But I still enjoy dystopian and paranormal YA reads. I balance those out with contemporaries of the New Adult genre because I’m in that age range and relate more to those problems than say, high schoolers.

    As for blogging–it’s your blog so do what you want! Don’t feel like you have to read YA novels in order to appease your audience. Read and blog what you enjoy 🙂


  6. Sometimes I try to hope my age is not an issue for some genres but like you I graduated college and I’m on my third year of uni and I don’t enjoy YA anymore. I may have some YA in my tbr pile but they are always left for the end and I never end up reading them 😰

    Regarding your blogging thoughts I also think the same. The most popular genre is YA and those who follow bloggers are mainly looking for YA reviews, I believe your reading tastes your should be put aside for the sake of those followers who enjoy YA. If you decide to review other genres such as New Adult and more, I think either you readers will respect or you will gain more of those with your same tastes! 🙂


  7. You read what ever you want to read, sista!! I completely understand your blogging concerns, but if you’re just not feeling YA anymore, your readers will be able to tell, TRUST ME. I don’t think writing, no matter the format, can be completely enjoyable unless the writer is writing for themselves. Even if it’s a topic i have NO interest, cavities for example, I will plow through an article on it if the author is invigoratingly passioned in the subject.
    So read for yourself and blog for yourself! I, for one, will be sticking around no matter what you’re reading.
    As for me, I can’t currently imagine myself without my YA books. But, of course, it could happen! I’ll just go with the reading flow 🙂


  8. I completely understand where you’re coming from. I’m 21 years old and there are some YA books that I just can’t connect with because it centers around a story or problem that I just don’t care about anymore. Luckily I still find a lot of YA books that I do connect with though and I don’t think I’m nearing a point where I’ll give up on YA anytime soon.

    As far as blogging goes, I really wouldn’t worry about not blogging about YA books anymore. I understand why it might concern you (I think if I were in the same position, I’d be worried too), but I also think that a lot of people would still enjoy your blog. I know I would. It might encourage them to branch out a bit more and try new kinds of books. And more people who do only read adult might find your blog and be really excited about it since there aren’t as many adult-centered book blogs as there are YA-centered. So like I said, I wouldn’t worry about it. 🙂


  9. This is an absolutely wonderful post, and I am SO GLAD you posted it! I have been out of college for 2 years now, and am definitely in that place where I’m not sure where life is going to take me, and I’m making professional, adult decisions. I have been enjoying YA still, but from a new perspective. I definitely see through the characters more than ever before: I see their immaturity and youth, and I didn’t see those things as a teen reader. For me, I’ve never read exclusively YA, and I always try to mix it up, which helps keep me from slumps. What also helps is that I don’t need to connect strongly with the characters to enjoy a book, but I understand that a lot of people do, which makes sense. I say read what you want to read, because forcing anything will only hurt in the long run. Especially with blogging. I’d hate to blog about books I don’t even want to read. I actually would love it if more people reviewed adult books in the community, because I honestly get sick of all the popular YA that crowds my feed. I always go for the refreshing blogs, rather than the same-old. So I’d read your blog still 🙂 Anyway, another fantastic discussion post! I enjoy them so much! Keep at it!


  10. This is a great discussion 🙂 You make super valid points, and I see myself in a lot of them. Sometimes I do think that I have outgrown YA… but I don’t see it as a bad thing. Like everything else in life, our reading preferences change with us. However, I still believe that this is just a stage, choosing a genre goes hand in hand with our mood, and that’s how it should really be. If you don’t feel like picking a YA book, just don’t. Even if that happens for a long while 🙂 Because I am certain that you will go back one day, and if that doesn’t happen you’ll always have the memory of how great of a genre was for you and how many great things it gave you.

    Pft, I got a bit intense there, didn’t I? hahah You really hit home with it I think. Lately I’ve been drifting away from YA, so everything I say above it’s also for myself 🙂


  11. I’m in the same boat! I have many authors, that I love, that write YA books, but I’m growing slightly uninterested in them. I definitely think it’s the age gap. I just turned 23. I don’t want to hear about them being in high school anymore!


  12. It’s always sad when you outgrow something in life. I’m currently in my own YA reading slump, but I think it’s truly a slump. However, I am finishing up college this year and am ALREADY going through the struggles you’re dealing with, so I get it. I actually want to find some good NA books and try those out. I’ve maybe read 3…?
    Anyway, it could also be that one you figure some of those struggles out, you might be able to enjoy them again. So taking a break and starting fresh is a good idea! I like connecting with characters, but I also use them as an escape, so I don’t always mind that they don’t got through the struggles I do. I like jumping into another character’s skin.
    But everyone reads for different reasons and that’s what I like! I guess we’ll see how this goes and you enjoy those NA adult books! 😉
    Nice post!


  13. I can definitely relate! I love YA books but recently I have been feeling like I’m just got finding that spark I get when I pick up a new book. This could be a slump, but still, it does worry me tbh.


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