Mini Reviews: A Cute Sports Romance and a Deceiving Cover



32711194“I want to be the one who makes you believe in fairy tales.”

It Happened on Love Street was the first book I read by Lia Riley and although I didn’t end up loving it, I enjoyed it enough to want to check more books written by her. I went into Mister Hockey totally blind and hoped that I would at least enjoy it a little more than my previous Riley read.

Breezy Angel spends most of her time reading about life instead of living it. She’s always found solace between the pages of a book and enjoys spending her days as a children’s librarian. One day, Breezy finds herself in a predicament after her guest for a summer reading event is a no show. In walks Jed West, captain of the Denver Hellions and the leading man in all of Breezy’s fantasies. He manages to swoop in and save the day and Jed soon finds himself smitten with the sweet and quirky librarian. But there’s only one problem: Jed doesn’t date fans. So how’s this fangirl expected to turn her fantasies into a reality?

Mister Hockey is an adorably sweet sports romance and while I didn’t end up loving this book, I do feel like it was a good start to a new series. The plot itself was just not developed enough for me. I wanted certain issues to be more fleshed out, like Breezy’s relationship with her mother and Jed’s relationship with his brother. Riley just touched upon these issues here and there but I wanted more of a backstory. I also felt like the conflict between our couple was just a little bit too simple. I’m all for simplicity but sometimes too much simple can be a bore.

I am so in love with these characters! They made this book for me and I enjoyed being inside their heads. I screamed when I realized that the heroine was a librarian! Breezy is a total bookworm and a girl after my own heart. I really want to read more romances with librarian heroines after reading Mister Hockey. Jed kind of shocked me a little because he was a sweetheart. He’s down to earth and doesn’t let fame get to his head. He doesn’t have an ego it was refreshing change from the typical alpha-male types I usually read about in sports romances. I enjoyed seeing these two fall in love, even though the ending was a bit over the top. I’m so ready for the sequel because I need to know what the deal is between our next potential couple. Hopefully that book will just as charming and a lot more satisfying than Mister Hockey.




Our friendship is important. All I can hope is that I haven’t ruined what we have for a stab at what we could be.”

Jessica Lemmon’s Billionaire Bad Boys series is beloved by many of my blogger friends so I decided to check out the first book in her newest series, Real Love, in hopes that I too would fall in love with Lemmon’s romances. However, things didn’t end up panning out the way that I had hoped and book with a sweet cover left a rather sour taste in my mouth.

Eye Candy is a friends-to-lovers romance that follows are two main characters, Jacqueline Butler and Vince Carson. The two became close after they both went through divorces, but it’s now years later and Vince thinks it’s time for Jackie to start getting back out there. He decides to help her land a date with the sexy runner who passes by her window every morning by becoming her dating guru. But Vince’s lessons end up working a little too well and soon Jackie realizes the guy that she wants to be with has been standing right in front of her all this time. 

Eye Candy started off on a good note. Friends-to-lover is one of my all-time favorite tropes and I’m also a sucker for office romances so I had high hopes for this one. But once I hit the 25% mark, I was already over this book and these characters. The thing that just irked me the most about this book was the lack of communication between Jackie and Vince. They’ve been best friends for years yet they can’t sit down and have a simple conversation about their feelings. It was so infuriating to see these two go back and forth and playing games with each others emotions. They wasted so much time when they could’ve just been like “hey, I like you!”. It was unnecessary drama for no reason at all. 

Jackie was the worst of the two because she really toyed with Vince’s emotions and tried to make him jealous. The thing is, if anyone was going to understand why she was so guarded it would’ve been Vince since he’s been there, so Jackie should’ve given him the benefit of the doubt. I liked Vince at first, but he messed everything up with his attempts to “coach” Jackie and give her dating advice. Like why would you give the girl you’re crushing on advice on how to land a date with another guy?! The only saving grace was Davis, Vince’s best friend. He was the only one with some common sense and he’s also the reason why I’m going to read the sequel. Hopefully Arm Candy ends up being a lot sweeter than the first installment in the Real Love series.



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