Fallen Heir by Erin Watt

I told you, trouble follows you wherever you go, Easton.❞

Fallen Heir by Erin Watt

Title: Fallen Heir
Author: Erin Watt
Series: The Royals
Publication Date: August 28, 2017
Publisher: Timeout LLC

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*I received a copy of this book from the author/publisher in exchange for an honest review.* 

Rating: ★★½

Synopsis via Goodreads: These Royals will ruin you.

Easton Royal has it all: looks, money, intelligence. His goal in life is to have as much fun as possible. He never thinks about the consequences because he doesn’t have to.

Until Hartley Wright appears, shaking up his easy life. She’s the one girl who’s said no, despite being attracted to him. Easton can’t figure her out and that makes her all the more irresistible.

Hartley doesn’t want him. She says he needs to grow up.

She might be right.

Rivals. Rules. Regrets. For the first time in Easton’s life, wearing a Royal crown isn’t enough. He’s about to learn that the higher you start, the harder you fall.


Last year, Erin Watt ruined me with the first three books in The Royals series and immediately landed a spot as one of my favorite author duo. I simply could not get enough of these authors words and was holding out hope that they would grant the wishes of all those they ruined and give Easton Royal his own book. Our wish was granted and I was lucky enough to snag an ARC of Fallen Heir, my most anticipated release for 2017. Unfortunately, I think I set my expectation a bit too high because I didn’t fall in love with Easton’s book like I had hoped. I think I actually ended up falling out of love with Easton’s character as a whole and I’m lowkey pissed about the fuckery that went on in Fallen Heir.


Easton Royal is starting his senior year at Astor Park Prep and he wants nothing more than to get this year over with so he can get back to doing what he loves most: flying planes. He wants to get his pilot license and in order to do that he must first clean up his act. That means no more gambling, fighting, or getting wasted. But he gets thrown for a loop when new girl Hartley Wright walks into his life. There’s something about her that’s piqued his interest and he can’t seem to stay away. Sadly, Hartley isn’t willing to give him the time of day and if Easton wants Hartley to let him in, he’s going to have to work for it.

EASTON ROYAL: Your Basic Fuckboy

Either body snatchers invaded Astor Park or I honestly didn’t know Easton Royal as well as I thought I did. Like I’m still wondering if the Easton in Fallen Heir is the same Easton in the previous three books because I don’t remember him being such an asshole. I know Easton was no saint in the previous books and that he had issues that he needed to work out, but being inside his head gave me a migraine. He’s the main reason why I didn’t really enjoy this book. It turns out that Easton is a self-centered, misogynistic prick. He states numerous times that girls fawn over him and he can basically get any girl he wants. He doesn’t understand the meaning of “no” so when Hartley pushes back, it takes him by surprised, but it doesn’t stop him from continuing to pursue her. Easton Royal always gets his way…well according to him at least. Easton also treats Ella like trash in this book and I really don’t understand why. He keeps bringing up the fact that he kissed her first, WHICH SHOULDN’T EVEN MATTER IN THE FIRST PLACE because she’s been with Reed for months now. Where is all this animosity even coming from? Do you want a crown for being Astor Park’s local fuckboy Easton because that’s how it sounds when you talk about all the girls you’ve slept with. Easton’s attitude is disgusting and the lack of character development means he basically maintains this attitude throughout the whole book. Easton is a goddamn Royal, and I am royally pissed at the fact that he is being demoted to a fuckboy status like this!

HARTLEY WRIGHT: A Wannabe Ella 2.0

I actually liked Hartley in the beginning of the book. She’s the new girl in town who walks to the beat of her own drum and doesn’t really care about typical high school drama. I liked that she pushed back when Easton tried to have his way with her and that she didn’t put up with his playboy attitude. But as the story progressed, I kind of lost interest in her and felt like she was nothing more than a carbon copy version of Ella. She’s like the “reverse Ella”. Ella went from “rags to riches” and Hartley went from “riches to rags”. The thing is, I didn’t find her situation to be very realistic. The daughter of a big shot assistant district attorney gets cut off and you’re telling me no one’s snooping around to get the tea on this scandal?! The administration at the school and her coworkers at the diner aren’t asking questions, really? She’s been living on her own for three years and no one has stepped up to find out what happened to her? I just can’t buy that story line. I just disconnected from Hartley after a point and I’m on the fence about whether or not I like her as a love interest. I also find it funny that she puts up a fight when it comes to Easton and letting him in, but she’s not willing to fight for her own self. Maybe she’ll take more of a stance in the next book.


We have a number of new secondary characters and a few of them I hated right off the bat. I know you’re suppose to hate villains, but I felt like the villains in this book were just rip offs of the previous ones. I thought Steve was bad, but Hartley’s father takes the cake for worst father of the year. I’m convinced the man is soulless because of all the inexcusable things he did to his children. Then we have Felicity, or what I like to call her: Jordan 2.0. Felicity basically wants to snatch Ella’s “crown” and become Queen Bee of the school. She tried it and I honestly found Felicity’s character to be more annoying than anything. Like can we bring Jordan back because at least the shit she stirred up was entertaining?! We also have Lauren who we met in the previous book and is dating both Sebastian and Sawyer. I do not like Lauren. I don’t know what type juju she’s working on the twins, but they need to cut her loose. She’s trying to have her cake and eat it too and I’m not here for it.


True to form, Erin Watt comes through with yet another twisted cliffhanger that I don’t think anyone will see coming. My jaw dropped and so did my eReader from my hand. I WAS SHOOK! DISTRAUGHT! WHY ARE THESE AUTHORS TRYING TO RAISE MY BLOOD PRESSURE LIKE THIS?! The cliffhanger was the saving grace for this book and it is the main reason why I’m even continuing with the series. *prays to the gods that things end up working out*

Fallen Heir was my most anticipated release for 2017 and it let me down so hard. I just can’t fuck with this new version of Easton and he needs to do A LOT of groveling in the next book if he wants to redeems himself. Hell, Cracked Kingdom needs to be a lot better than Fallen Heir as a whole because I would really hate it if one of my favorite series ended up crashing and burning like this.rev

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8 thoughts on “Fallen Heir by Erin Watt

  1. *slow claps*
    You nailed it with this review! It was a pointless read for me, and I HATED the characters. I think the only character I liked here was Ella and she appeared for like 2.5 seconds. I’m genuinely baffled as to why people are so in love with Easton. He was gross and absolutely terrible here! I’m with you on the changes in his character. He wasn’t the same guy as in the previous books. Instead of growing, he’s character went back even further. Ugh. Felicity. I forgot about this pointless bitch. -_-
    I don’t think I’ll be reading the sequel. Even that cliffhanger left me super disinterested, but you bet your ass, I’ll be stalking your updates when you do read it!


  2. I just found your blog and am so excited to dive in 🙂 I have been looking for a romance blog to follow.This series sounds so good but I am a little nervous with how this one seemed to crash and burn for you. Great review, though. You touched on a lot of really good points. I think I am still going to pick this one up and give it a go!


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