Second Chance Charmer by Brighton Walsh


Second Chance Charmer
by Brighton Walsh
Publication Date: March 19, 2018
Publisher: Self-published

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Rating: ★★★★

Synopsis via Goodreads: Willow Haven’s content. Okay, that’s a lie, but she has been trying her damndest. Trouble is, it never sticks. Second oldest in a family her town was named after, she’s always felt the pressure. From the townspeople, from her sisters, but most of all from her daddy—the original Good Old Boy and Havenbrook’s reigning mayor. The only time she didn’t feel that stress had been those blissful months spent in the arms of the resident bad boy. The same one who broke her heart beyond repair when he left without a word.

Life hasn’t come easy for Finn Thomas. He’s had to claw and fight for everything he’s ever had—and truth be told, it hasn’t been much. He spent the first eighteen years of his life living so far from the wrong side of the tracks, he couldn’t even see them through his trailer window. The only thing that ever came easy for him and made his sorry ass happy was the one girl he loved with all his heart. And the one thing he had no choice but to leave behind.

When an opportunity arises to return to his tiny, southern hometown and open the first bar in a formerly dry county, he jumps at the chance. That won’t win him points with the mayor, who’s hell bent on making Finn’s life a nightmare for sullying his namesake. But too bad for Mayor Haven, Finn’s got his sights set on more than just the town, and this time he won’t be scared off quite so easily.

*I received a copy of this book from the author/publisher in exchange for an honest review.* 

Last year, a blogger friend of mine introduced me to an author duo named London Hale and I became obsessed. These authors wrote some sexy, sweet and smutty as hell novellas that entertained me so much, I simply could not get enough. Now, you’re probably wondering “what the hell does London Hale have to do with this review, Ari??” Well, Brighton Walsh makes up one half of the London Hale author duo so when I heard about her upcoming release I knew I had to pick it up. 

Second Chance Charmer is a small town, second-chance romance that follows our two main characters Willow Haven and Griffin “Finn” Thomas. Willow and Finn were high school sweethearts who had their lives planned out but plans changed once Finn left town without looking back. Ten years later and Finn has returned to Havenbrook to start up a new business and Willow wants nothing to do with him. Can this southern charmer win his girl back or is a second shot at love not in the cards for them? 

Second Chance Charmer is a book after my own heart. It has two of my favorite tropes, a small town setting and a second-chance at love. I fell in love with this book instantly and it’s all because of Willow Haven. She’s so damn sassy and a force to be reckoned with. She didn’t cut Finn any slack and made him work to earn her trust back. Finn is a man of patience as he was willing to do whatever it takes to have Willow hear him out. He may be a little rough around the edge, but he still has that southern gentleman charm that’ll make you swoon. I couldn’t help but fall for Finn and y’all won’t be able to help yourselves either.

The romance is just EVERYTHING! Despite being apart for ten years, the chemistry between Willow and Finn is still strong. But of course things don’t fall back into place so quickly for these two. There are a number of obstacles they need to overcome, the main one being Willow’s horrible father. I swear I wanted to walk all over that man with one of Willow’s high heels for all the despicable things he said. This romance is an angsty one and Brighton does a great job at building the heat because once things started going down, I was blushing like crazy.

Another thing I enjoyed about this book was Willow’s relationship with her sisters. At the beginning of the story, Willow and her three sisters didn’t all get along, but as the story went on the sisters grew closer. I even grew to like the eldest of the Haven sisters who was the one who caused the most tension between them and I’m hoping she gets her own book because I’m curious to know more about her.

Second Chance Charmer is a fun and sexy read that will charm all romance lovers off their feet. Seriously y’all, Brighton Walsh is such an under-rated author so don’t sleep on this book! I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the next book in this series. I have a hunch on who our potential couple might be and if I’m right, someone is about to shake things up in the small town of Havenbrook.


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5 thoughts on “Second Chance Charmer by Brighton Walsh

  1. “a blogger friend of mine”
    Who is this nameless friend?????????

    I had a lot of fun reading this one! I loved Finn and Willow together! But yes omg that dad. He deserved a whooping. I like to think Willow’s mom gave him a good one.
    I NEEEED the next book already!! It’s going to be GOOD STUFF!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I can’t let people know where I’m getting my good recs from, they might steal you!!

      I need Willow’s mom to have made her father sleep on the couch for like two weeks or something for his foolish behavior, lol. I’m hoping his attitude will change in the next book. Fair warning, you can’t claim the hero in the next book. He’s hands off!!


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