Mini Reviews: A Hit, A Miss & Something in Between




 “…you’re not a distraction. You’re the only hope I have left…”

Although Sin With Me didn’t leave the best impression on me, I was still curious to check out the sequel to see if this story would improve. Long story short: IT GOT EVEN WORSE. I’m going to drop a few spoilers so if you haven’t read the first book yet, then avert your eyes.

Angels Fall picks up right where Sin With Me left off. Maddie is taken by Carlos Castillo and is told that she must repay her debt or else. Tyler wants to do whatever it takes to help Maddie get out of this situation, even though she does not want his help. While all this drama is occurring, Maddie and Tyler are trying to work out their feelings for one another but mistakes from the past keep them from moving forward.  

Just like with the previous book, the writing was not to my liking. If erotica and rom-com were to have a kid, this series would be the end result. As much as I love those two genres, I don’t think they work well together. The writing is just over the top with the capitalization in the dialogue to Tyler’s random ass dreams involving James Franco. I don’t care for either of our characters. I already didn’t like Tyler because his personality was just too much, but Maddie annoyed me in this book. Like, a drug lord is after your ass, stop playing around and figure out a plan to save your ass. The romance was a let down because when these two weren’t fighting about the past, they were fucking. RINSE AND REPEAT. I was just hoping for more when it came to this sequel and I didn’t feel like I got much until the end. This book does end with a cliffhanger, but I don’t really care to see what happens next. I’m throwing in the towel and DNFing this series while I’m ahead.




“Years of my life I’d spent as a walking zombie, but after a couple of weeks with Ivy Stone in town, comfortably numb was a memory. I was angry. I was charged. I was passionate. I was vibrant again. I was living. And she was the reason.”

I’ve been wanting to read Max Monroe’s books for some time now and decided to take the plunge after Deanna and Cristina were both raving about Stone. Stone is the first book in the Stone Cold Fox Trilogy and I’m just warning y’all now that if you hate cliffhangers, you might want to hold off until all three books release so you don’t have to suffer through the wait.

Stone is a romantic suspense novel that takes place in Cold, Montana. The town suffered a great loss after a serial killer took the lives of five women and now they are forced to relive the tale when Hollywood decides to make a film based on the events of these brutal murders. Ivy Stone, a fiery red-head and the lead actress in the film, wants to do her best to accurately portray the officer who lost her life to expose a murderer and who better to help her get into the role than Officer Levi Fox. Only problem, neither Ivy or Levi can stand one another so working together will be easier said than done.

This book had me hooked from the start. I ended up finishing it in 24 hours because my ass needed the tea on what actually went down with these murders, although we didn’t get much since this author duo needs to drag out the mystery for two more books. But nonetheless, the story is still gripping and you may throw your eReader a few times. I loved Ivy. I expected her to be a little uppity, but she is actually super down to earth and I loved the fact that she genuinely cared for how Officer Grace was killed. I have a love/hate relationship Levi. That man urked my nerves with his broody ways, but he is still mourning the loss of his partner and best friend so I’ll cut him some slack. He better get his shit together in the next book though or I will fight. The romance is a love-to-hate and is angsty as hell with a dash of steam and I can’t wait to see what happens between two in the next book. I eagerly anticipate the release of Cold and Fox so I can see which of my theories are right and to see how things play out for Levi and Ivy.  



38714855“Miles Hudson is the sun and the air and the moon and the stars. He’s fucking wonderful, and he loves me. How much more book worthy can it get than that?”

Wait With Me is a new release that made it onto my radar after I read the buzzfeed article about the author, Amy Daws, spending her days writing her latest novel at an auto shop. Her updates were pretty funny too so I thought it was worth giving this book a read. 

Kate Smith is working on the final novel in her best-selling series, but a case of writer’s block has her desperate to do whatever it takes to get the words flowing. Her prayers are answered after Kate finds inspiration at her local Tire Depot and the words start tumbling out. She hopes no one notices her sneaking in day in and day out, but her cover is blown once a Miles Hudson catches sight of her. Will the sexy mechanic rat her out or will he be just what Kate needs to finish her next best-seller?   

I really love the backstory of how this novel came to be. I also love the fact that those same events took place in this story itself. I mean, who would’ve thought that an auto shop would be a good place to write a book? I was hooked from the start the writing was entertaining with a few great laugh out loud moments. However, I didn’t really connect with either of the characters. I also wasn’t a big fan of the hero. Miles has trust issues due because of his cheating ex but the dude had some man child moments. I hate it when heroes get super pissy and obsessive when THEY ARE THE ONES WHO WANTED TO BE FRIENDS-WITH-BENEFITS. You can’t always have your cake and eat it too. The romance is a bit over dramatic and don’t get me wrong, I love me some drama but unnecessary drama really frustrates me. Like one of the things that ends up being an issue is the fact that Kate introduces herself to Miles using her author name and not her real name and I just felt like that was so juvenile. It shouldn’t have been an issue at all to be honest. While Wait With Me was an entertaining read, my lack of connection with the characters and my irritation with the romance left me feeling underwhelmed.



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6 thoughts on “Mini Reviews: A Hit, A Miss & Something in Between

  1. 1. That sucks that things got even worse. At least you won’t waste your time on the third book. 2. YES! I am so happy you loved Stone. I want you to read all books Max Monroe! 3. I wanted to read that Amy Daws book after hearing her inspiration, but I’ve read a few reviews saying the same thing you did. Think I’m going to have to pass.

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  2. Dreams involving James Franco???? What even??? This author’s books has never appealed to me and I don’t think they would for me either.

    OOOH! Romantic suspense??? It’s a genre I love, but don’t read enough of. And hate to love too! I’m coming to you for some deets!

    LOL! Miles sounds like a piece of work. But glad you at least enjoyed the book!

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    1. The dream scenes were so weird Nick! I had to re-read them to make sure I wasn’t reading it wrong. It was a mess.

      And you should totally read Max Monroe’s new series. The suspense is so good and you might like the hero since he’s kind of an asshole, lol.


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