Mini Reviews: Weddings & Bridesmaids & Shenanigans, Oh My!


One and Only (Bridesmaids Behaving Badly #1)
by Jenny Holiday
Publication Date: February 27, 2018
Publisher: Forever

Rating: ★★★½

Synopsis via Goodreads: Miss Responsibility meets Mr. Reckless

With her bridezilla friend on a DIY project rampage, bridesmaid Jane Denning will do anything to escape – even if it means babysitting the groom’s troublemaker brother before the wedding. It should be a piece of cake, except the “cake” is a sarcastic former soldier who is 100% wicked hotness and absolutely off-limits.

Cameron MacKinnon is ready to let loose after returning from his deployment. But first he’ll have to sweet talk the ultra-responsible Jane into taking a walk on the wild side. Turns out, riling her up is the best time he’s had in years. But what happens when the fun and games start to turn into something real?



Books or series revolving around a wedding are always best read during the summer months and because of that, I decided to pick up the first book in Jenny Holiday’s Bridesmaids Behaving Badly series. I was ready for wild bachelorette parties, wedding shenanigans and memorably moments and hoped that this series delivered all of these things!

One and Only follows our fellow bridesmaid, Jane Denning, who gets handed the responsibility of keeping the groom’s younger brother out of trouble until the wedding is over. But Cameron MacKinnon has other plans and decides to have a little fun with Jane. But when harmless fun turns into something more, will Jane and Cameron takes things to the next level or will one of them end up walking away? 

One and Only was such a fun read and a great start to this series. Jane and Cameron are complete opposites: one has their life together while the other is still trying to figure their shit out. But despite their differences, they somehow make a good fit for one another. I really enjoyed seeing these two fall for one another and the chemistry between them was so good! I will say that I had a hard time connecting with Jane. I felt like her character lacked a bit of depth. Majority of Jane’s POV is mainly focused on her weight, as she is a curvier girl who fears not being able to fit into her bridesmaid’s dress. I say this as curvy girl myself, but I’m tired of  weight being the main focus in books with curvier heroines. Like there were other aspects of Jane’s life that definitely deserved more attention and I wish we could’ve focused on those parts instead. On the other hand, I freakin’ adored Cameron. Y’all know military heroes are my fave and I loved Cameron’s back story. Already branded as a bad boy, Cameron doesn’t really try to change people’s mind about him because he believes that he will never be a good enough. But Cameron truly deserves all the things because he’s actually a great guy who just has all his good deeds thrown back at him. I enjoyed seeing him realize his worth and finding someone he can be his true self around. Another great thing about this book is the strong female friendship between the four women. They are all so different, yet they manage to balance each other out and even when they are all driving each other up the wall, they still have one another’s backs. These group of ladies are hilarious and probably one of my favorite things about this series so far. If you’re looking for a cute summer read, I definitely recommend picking up One and Only!



It Takes Two (Bridesmaids Behaving Badly #2)
by Jenny Holiday
Publication Date: June 26, 2018
Publisher:  Forever

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Rating: ★★★½

Synopsis via Goodreads: In this hilarious romantic comedy, USA Today bestselling author Jenny Holiday proves that what happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas…

All’s fair in love and war

Wendy Liu should be delighted to be her best friend’s maid of honor. But after years spent avoiding the bride’s brother – aka the boy who once broke her heart – she’s now trapped with him during an endless amount of wedding festivities. Luckily she’s had time to perfect her poker face, and engaging Noah Denning in a little friendly competition might just prove that she’s over him for good…

Noah Denning is determined to make his little sister’s wedding memorable. But it seems Wendy is trying to outdo him at every turn. Challenging each other was always something he and Wendy did right, so when she proposes they compete to see who can throw the best bachelor or bachelorette party in Sin City, Noah takes the bait – and ups the stakes. Because this time around, he wants Wendy for keeps. And when you’re fighting for love, all bets are off.

*I received a copy of this book from the author/publisher in exchange for an honest review.* 

Right after I finished One and Only, I decided to pick up It Takes Two to continue all the wedding fun. I gotta say, I’m really loving the titles for these books and these covers are so adorable! I get all the summer weddings vibes from them and it makes me want to go crash a wedding or two, lol. 

It Takes Two is a romance about unrequited love. As a teen, Wendy Liu had the biggest crush on Jane’s older brother, Noah Denning. But those feelings went away after he left her heartbroken on prom night…or so she thinks. Years later, Noah has come back home for Jane’s wedding and Wendy knows she can no longer avoid the man who once owned her heart. Deciding to put things in the past, Wendy and Noah start a little competition to see which one can outdo the other when it comes to Jane’s wedding. But what started out as a friendly competition turns into a whole new game when one of them crosses the lines that neither of them can come back from.

While I liked the second book in the Bridesmaids Behaving Badly series slightly better than the first, I didn’t like it enough to give it that full four star rating. I don’t know what it is, but I just can’t connect with the Denning siblings. Noah is a nice guy who loves his sister and mother dearly and will basically do whatever it takes to make them happy, but I just felt like his character was a bit bland. I know that sounds harsh, but I thought Noah would’ve been more charming but instead we got an overprotective brother who needed to stop worrying and just have fun for a minute. I know Wendy’s character might rub some people the wrong way, but I really liked her. She can be a little ice cold when you first meet her, but once she warms up, you see that she has her reasons for being guarded. Wendy is so used to people leaving her, she never let’s anyone get too close. Letting her walls down around Noah was not something that came easy to her, especially after being burned once before. But once she does, that’s when the story really picks up. Although I wasn’t Noah’s biggest fan, I did still enjoy the romance and seeing these two try to outdo one another. Also the banter was entertaining and since it’s a slow-buring romance, you’re gonna need some patience before you start getting any makeout action from these two. There were also more wedding shenanigans in this book than the previous book and some of these scenes had me dying with laughter. I’m telling y’all, these ladies are great entertainment and if Jenny Holiday wrote a book with these four alone getting into trouble, I would totally read it. Gia’s story is the next book in this series and I can’t wait for it! I’m excited to know more about the model and I’m curious to see who she gets paired up with. 


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