Block Shot by Kennedy Ryan


Block Shot (Hoops #2)
by Kennedy Ryan
Publication Date: September 10, 2018
Publisher: Self-published

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Rating: ★★★★

Synopsis via Goodreads: JARED

If I had a dollar for every time Banner Morales made my heart skip a beat…
The heart everyone assumes is frozen over.
Her anger is…arousing.
Every glare from those fire-spitting eyes, every time she grits her teeth, gets me…well, you know.
If I had a dollar for every time she’s put me in my place, I’d be an even richer man.
I’m a successful sports agent because I assume “no” means you’ll think about it.
I’m sure what you meant to say is “Coming right up.”
They say even rich men don’t always get what they want, but those men don’t know how to play the game. The trick is to keep them guessing.
Take Banner. She assumes she’s winning, but this game? 

She doesn’t even know how to play.


If I had a dollar for every time Jared Foster broke my heart, I’d have exactly one dollar.
One night. One epic fail. One dollar…and I’m out.
I’ve moved on.
I’ve found success in a field ruled by men. 
Anything they can do, I have done better.
They can keep the field while I call the shots, blocking them when I have to.
And Jared has the nerve to think he gets a second chance?
Boy, please. Go sit down. Have several seats.
I’ll just be over here ignoring the man carved from my fantasies with a lust-tipped chisel.
Oh, I didn’t say the struggle wasn’t real.
But I’ve got that one dollar, and Jared won’t have me.

*I received a copy of this book from the author/publisher in exchange for an honest review.*

Block Shot is the second installment in the Hoops series by Kennedy Ryan and after Long Shot gutted me to pieces, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this sequel. Though this book is a sequel, it can be read as a standalone and if you have yet to read a book by Kennedy Ryan, Block Shot is a great place to start.

Jared Foster and Banner Morales were friends in college on the verge of becoming something more until a misunderstanding caused everything to fall apart. Ten years later and Banner and Jared are both sports agents working at rivals firms in the same city. They butt heads and compete to get the best new players signed all while fighting their feelings for one other. But when Jared and Banner find it harder and harder to deny the attraction between them, it’s only a matter of time until their desires take over and once they cross that line, there’s no going back.

Kennedy Ryan brought her A-game with this book because the writing, the romance and the characters were all on point! Let’s start with the writing. I keep saying that Kennedy has a way with words and once again I was moved by them. This book grabbed me from the first page and I wasn’t let off this roller coaster of emotions until the last page. I have so many passages highlighted because her words are freakin’ gold. I also loved the fact that Kennedy tackles real life issues head on in her books and how inclusive her stories are. Like I need more romance authors to take chances like Kennedy so we can have more stories like this one!

I loved Banner’s character so much! Hard-working. Determined. A badass with killer instincts. All these words describe Banner and even though she’s such a strong female character, she’s not without her insecurities. Kennedy Ryan has this way of stripping her characters down and allowing us to see them at their most vulnerable moments and it’s why I was able to relate so much to Banner. Her thoughts, her fears, her insecurities are all ones that I too have felt before and I low key hope to find my own inner lion just like Banner did. Jared on the other hand is a total alpha-male and while I’m not quite fond of these types of heroes, I easily found myself falling for him. He comes off as an asshole who only cares for himself, but when it comes to Banner, that ego is dropped and he melts in her hand like putty. It’s honestly so adorable and I loved that Banner brought out this softer side to him. Jared is so patient and caring and he sees Banner as his equal and treats her as such. The man is the total package and Kennedy has written yet another book boyfriend for readers to fall in love with!   

The chemistry between Banner and Jared was off the charts! I totally felt the intensity of their connection and loved watching these two head-strong individuals try to find a way to make things work. It’s not an easy road for Jared and Banner as they both have their own baggage to work through, but I enjoyed seeing them work through these obstacles and I was totally in tears by the end. Banner and Jared are definitely my new favorite OTP and I just want more of them!

Though I have a lot of good things to say about Block Shot, there was one thing that rubbed me the wrong way. This story has one particular trope that I really don’t fuck with and I felt like it created unnecessary drama. I don’t want to give away any spoilers but I just wish this trope wasn’t used because it kind of put a slight damper on my mood while reading this book.  

All in all, Block Shot was an intense and emotional read and if you’re still sleeping on Kennedy Ryan’s books, then you are missing out! I can’t wait to see what Kennedy has in store for our next couple, Lotus and Kenan. I already ship these two so hard and I just know their story is going to be amazing!



I stretch my arm toward the wall and turn out the lights.

With the light snuffed out, my other senses rise, hunting for her in the dark. The smell of her hair and her quick, shallow breaths. My sight adjusts until the heavy black curtain completely obscuring her fades to gray. Light from the outer room spills under the door, revealing just the shape, the outline of her, but still camouflaging details. I cup her cheek, taking a moment to appreciate the softness of her skin, the silky hair brushing my knuckles. I’m not an idiot. She wants the lights out because she’s self-conscious, but from my perspective, she has nothing to be ashamed of.

“I think you’re beautiful, Ban.”

“You do?” she asks, her voice hushed.

My words surprise me as much as they seem to surprise her, because I don’t say shit like that to girls. The prettiest ones usually seem to already know, which makes any admiration I’d express redundant. But Banner . . . she’s so beautiful, and I’m not sure she knows.

“I do.” I push the hair away from her face.

“Uh . . . thank you.” Her laugh isn’t much more than a breath. “The lights are out, so I’m not sure that compliment counts.”

“I know your face by heart. You have seven freckles here.” I swipe a finger over the straight bridge of her nose and drift down to caress her full lips and the tiny dent in her cheek her smile displays. “And a dimple right here.”

I explore the smooth skin of her nape, under a heavy fall of hair.

“Now I want to know your body, too,” I say softly. “Take off your clothes for me, Banner.”

After a sharply indrawn breath, she raises her arms. The rustle of her clothes—the sweatshirt, jeans, socks, shoes—being discarded whisper in the dark. I approximate her by touch, reaching for her arms and closing my fingers around the softness, the velvety skin. I lower my head and run my nose along her neck, discovering.

“You always smell so good.” I’ve wanted to tell her that since the first night we studied here.

“Pretty Pastel,” she replies, her laugh low, nervous.

“What?” I pause.

“The smell. It’s my dryer sheets. The scent is Pretty Pastel.”

“I like it.” I resume my exploration, running a palm over her shoulder, her collarbone until I find the soft, full weight of her breasts, testing them in my hands, cupping them, holding them, brushing the nipples with my thumbs until they pebble and her breaths come harshly.

“You like that?” I ask.

I see her head nod in the semi-darkness. “Yeah. It feels good.”

Her touch startles me in the best way, her hand finding my face, traveling over my mouth, eyes, and hair. I sense her approach, feel tiny pants of breath on my lips, and anticipation has me panting, too, shortens my breath and sharpens my senses. Her mouth seeks mine, eager and sweet when she kisses me. Her pleasure, her excitement matches, answers, fans mine.

I guide her back down to the couch, and with a hand at her shoulder, urge her to stretch out. I’d shave points off my GPA for a glimpse of her, but she doesn’t want that. I get it, so I settle for a taste.



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Kennedy RyanA Top 30 Amazon Bestseller, Kennedy Ryan writes about women from all walks of life, empowering them and placing them firmly at the center of each story and in charge of their own destinies. Her heroes respect, cherish and lose their minds for the women who capture their hearts.

She is a wife to her lifetime lover and mother to an extraordinary son. She has always leveraged her journalism background to write for charity and non-profit organizations, but enjoys writing to raise Autism awareness most. A contributor for Modern Mom Magazine and Frolic, Kennedy’s writings have appeared in Chicken Soup for the SoulUSA Today and many others. The founder and executive director of a foundation serving Atlanta Autism families, she has appeared on Headline NewsMontel Williams, NPR and other media outlets as an advocate for families living with autism.

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