The Jerk Duet by Max Monroe

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The Day I Stopped Falling For Jerks: Goodreads || Amazon

The Day The Jerk Started Falling: Goodreads || Amazon



The entertaining author duo that is Max Monroe is back at it again with a hilariously fun and sweet duet that will have you feeling all the mushy feels! For this review, I’m gonna do things a bit different. Because of the way these books are written, it would make no sense to review them individually since they’re pretty much the same story told twice, but the first book is told from the heroine’s POV while the second book is mostly told from the hero’s POV. So instead, I’m gonna do a list for five reasons why y’all need to get to reading this duet ASAP. Let’s get this show review on the road!


One of my favorite things about this duet is the way it’s formatted. This story is told in the form of a podcast—yes you read that right, a podcast! Max Monroe breaks the fourth wall (so to speak) and have our characters tell their story as if they were speaking directly to an audience, in this case it would be readers. If the character would pause, take a long breath, or sip on some water then these actions would be incorporated into the text with brackets and it was little touches like this that turned this story into an experience. I literally felt like I was listening to a podcast as both our characters poured their souls out for the world to hear. It was such a refreshing read and I gotta give Max Monroe props for pulling this off. They took a risk and it paid off in the end! 


They call her Lucky but when it comes to love, she’s anything but. Luciana Wright, better known as Lucky, is a self-proclaimed “jerk addict”. She has the worst luck when it comes to men, dating, relationships and just love in general yet she somehow can’t break out of her cycle of only dating jerks—no matter how many times she’s been screwed over. I think that’s the thing I loved most about Lucky. She may throw her hands up and declare she’s done with relationships and love but there’s a small part of her that’s a hopeless romantic and I like the fact that she’s willing to let love in “just one more time” because she has hope that the next guy might be “the one”. It’s why she totally fell victim to Ollie’s charms, though I’m pretty sure his sexy Aussie accent was a contributing factor to her falling head over heels. Another thing I loved about Lucky is her passion for journalism and how creative she is. The whole podcast concept was freakin’ genius and it takes balls to sit in a studio and bare your soul to thousands of people and open one’s self to all that judgement, whether it be positive or negative. Her story is one I’m sure everyone will be able to relate to and it’s why I instantly connected with her right from the start.


Oliver Arsen is a jerk in disguise. Underneath that arrogant surfer boy facade is a guy with a big heart and when he falls in love, he falls hard. That was the case when he first laid eyes on Lucky. But before we get into all of that, I gotta say I wasn’t too big a fan of Ollie’s when we first met him. Like Lucky, I wrote him off as just your “typical jerk” and even though that Aussie accent had me swooning from time to time, I was low key waiting for him to fuck up—and he did. By the time I finished the first book, I was not on #TeamOllie. But then I started the the second book and we got to see things from Ollie’s perspective and holy shit did I jump back on the #TeamOllie ship so fast! There were so many things going on behind the scenes that neither Lucky or the readers knew about so when Ollie filled in those missing pieces for us, yo gurl was shook! Things started to make total sense and it’s why I say Ollie is a jerk in disguise because he isn’t a jerk at all, he’s one of the good ones.


Y’all this romance is THE BOMB DOT COM. So I’m a huge fan of romantic comedies and will literally spend the day binge watching movie after movie and I really feel like this duet would make the perfect rom-com movie. Like I was literally picturing a movie going on in my head while reading these books. Lucky and Ollie were a perfect fit for one another, even if neither of them could see it at first. They had both become complacent when it came to love and they were stuck in this never-ending cycle of heartbreaks and hookups. But Ollie pushed Lucky to take a deeper look and really question why didn’t her previous relationships didn’t work out while Lucky made Ollie pause for a moment and really question why he’s so hesitant to start up a relationship. It was only then did these two realize that if they were gonna fix their love lives, they needed to fix themselves first. The thing I like about this romance is that doesn’t really start off as an “epic” one. It’s angsty,  frustrating and filled with sexual tension and while that sounds like so many other romance books out there, Max Monroe did one hell of a job at slowly building up the romance to an explosive finale. I was literally on the train biting my nails and having heart palpitations because I really wasn’t sure whether or not my ship and I were gonna survive this storm. But we rode out the waves and even though my manicure was in a horrible state by the end, I got the happily-ever-after I was hoping for!


So I couldn’t really think of a fifth reason as to why y’all should read this book, but I’m just gonna shout at y’all instead and hope that this marketing tactic works, lol. But in all seriousness, The Jerk Duet is one of my top favorite reads for 2018 and everyone who loves an angsty, feelgood romance needs to read this duet A-FUCKING-SAP! You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll wanna pull your hair out and throw your eReader across the room but all that emotional turmoil will be worth in the end, I promise! So go one-click this duet today, you won’t regret it!


The Day I Stopped Falling For Jerks: ★★★★

The Day The Jerk Started Falling: ★★★★½




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