Binging the Backlist: Welcome to the Point by Jay Crownover


Welcome back to Binging the Backlist! This month I read Jay Crownover’s suspenseful romance series, Welcome to the Point! I’m a huge fan of Crownover’s Marked Men and Saints of Denver series’ but somehow I let the Welcome to the Point series sit on my shelf for years untouched. I think it might’ve been the covers. They’re not all that appealing if I’m being completely honest and since I’m such a cover whore, it might’ve been the reason why I put off reading the series for so long. But this year I was determined to mark the series off my TBR, so I set all that shallowness to the side and spent the week with the bad guys and gals of the Point and it was one of the best reading weeks I’ve had in a long ass time. Anyways, let’s get this review started!



After letting these books sit on my shelf for three years, I was finally ready to do the damn thing and got to reading them. Going into this series, I wasn’t sure what to expect since it had been years since I had first read the synopsis, but I do remember Crownover saying that this series was going to be a lot darker than her previous series’ so I went in with a open mind and tried very hard not to compare this series to her Marked Men and Saints of Denver series. 


Right off the bat, Better When He’s Bad had me glued to my eReader because we’re kind of just thrown into things without much of a back story. Shane Baxter, who is our hero for this book, has spent the last five years in a prison cell and now that he’s out, he’s ready to get revenge on the people who put him there. So while Shane is trying to figure out who set him up, we as the readers are trying to figure out the reason why Shane ended up in prison in the first place and if we should even be able to trust Shane at all since he’s not really a good guy. Basically the first book is just a lot of putting the pieces together and trying to learn the rules of the Point. 


The first book in this series had me stressed because there are quite a number of characters that we are introduced to and I’m trying to figure out who is good and who is bad and who I can trust and who has been lying to everyone the whole time. Plus when you think you’ve finally gotten shit figured out, Crownover throws you for a loop and you’re just left sitting there like “WAIT…WHAT?!!”. So basically didn’t trust anyone in this first book because looks can be deceiving.


I’ll admit that things were a bit rocky when I started the first book, but it totally won me over in the end. I will say that Shane and Dovie are probably my least favorite couple, mainly because I really couldn’t connect with Dovie and I thought she was a bit naive at times. I mean, Dovie grew up in the streets so I thought she would’ve been more badass but I guess her sweet and kind personality was meant to be a contrast to Shane’s dark and dangerous attitude. Anyways, it was a decent start and I was excited to jump into the sequel.


Okay, okay let’s talk about my favorite hero in this series: Race Hartman! Race is Shane’s brother from another mother and these two are thick as thieves. They are basically willing to do whatever it takes to save each other’s asses and Race’s relationship with Shane is one of my favorite things in this series. Now in the sequel, we see Race go from “man behind the scenes” to “man calling the shots” and I loved it! I honestly didn’t expect this guy who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth to be capable of throwing down like he does, but Race always makes sure to let people know who’s boss! Race is also a genius and I loved seeing a edgier hero with a nerdy side too.


The romance in the second book is probably one of my favorites in the series, mainly because it takes more time to develop and had more layers to it. Brysen is Dovie’s best friend and for some reason, she and Race are always sniping with one another. But things take a turn in this book and that hate turns into lust and fireworks start going off between Race and Brysen. I love how protective Race is of Brysen and they work so well together. They both come from similar homes where there parents screwed them over but they’re fighters nonetheless. Brysen is one lucky gal in my opinion!


The second book in this series had me more stressed out than the first! In the second book, there is a new threat that emerges and we don’t know who the threat is but they are determined to bring down the Point. There are so many deaths and explosions and my heart was racing the whole time because I was worried one of my faves would die. 


The final book in this series revolves around a pair that couldn’t be more opposite for one another Titus King is a cop who has dedicated his life to reinforcing the law and protecting the people of the Point. Reeve Black has always walked the line between good and bad but now she’s ready to turn over a new leaf and rewrite her wrongs. Titus knows a girl like Reeve is nothing but bad news, but he can’t but help feel drawn to her. I really like these two together. They compliment one another because Titus grounds Reeve and helps show her that she’s not a bad person deep down while Reeve helps bring out the wild side of Titus and I was totally here for that! The tension though between these two had me dying because Titus didn’t want to give in and I was sitting here yelling “just kiss her already!”.


Reeve is my favorite heroine in this series because I related a lot to her character. I admired her strength and how deeply she cared for those she loved. She also fought like hell in this series because she literally had a bounty on her head but she didn’t care because she was willing to do whatever it took to keep her friends alive even if it costed her life.


Noah Booker is a secondary character who is first introduced in Better When He’s Bold but he plays more of a crucial role in Better When He’s Brave. I have so many questions about Booker because he’s a really bad guy but he has a soft spot for Brysen’s sister, Karsen, and I really wanna know if Crownover will give these two a HEA. I need answers y’all and I need them now!


Jay Crownover has made me fall in love with a whole new, much darker world and had me living for all the characters. I will definitely be re-reading this series in the future because I enjoyed it so much and I highly recommend it to those who love suspenseful romances that have you at the edge of your seat!




Have you read the Welcome to the Point series yet? If not, are you planning on reading this series in the future? Let me know in the comments below!


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11 thoughts on “Binging the Backlist: Welcome to the Point by Jay Crownover

  1. I’m really glad you read and reviewed this series. I attempted to listen to the first book last year. I couldn’t get into it. I’m not sure if it was the narrator? The fact you said you had trouble at first and that they were your least favorite couple makes me wonder if I need to give it a second chance. You’ve certainly made the entire series sound good. Great review!

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    1. I think it would be better to read the series than listen to it because there are a lot of characters and things that happen so it can be a bit confusing at first. But this is definitely one of those series that gets better as it goes on so maybe push through and hopefully you’ll enjoy it. 🤞🏽

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