Binging the Backlist: The Breaking Point by Jay Crownover


Welcome back to Binging the Backlist! After binge-reading Jay Crownover’s Welcome to the Point series last month, I thought it made sense to pick up the spin-off series for February so I could see how our secondary characters got their happily-ever-afters. I went into The Breaking Point series expecting a wild ride so I made sure to have my popcorn ready. I was also hoping that none of my faves died because I was not about to have any of that nonsense. Also, I made sure to have tissues ready because this would probably be the last time I saw any of these characters again and I was so not ready to say goodbye. Anyways, let’s get this review started!



After finishing the Welcome to the Point series, I low key became obsessed with this world and its characters. I was anxious as hell to pick up where we left off, I was curious to see what new trouble Crownover had brewing on the horizon and I was just hoping that everyone would all make it out alive.


If you’ve read Crownover’s Saints of Denver series then expect a few cameos here and there from some of the characters from that series. I freakin’ adore all the characters from the Saints of Denver so to be able to see some of them again was such a treat for me! I loved being able to catch up with them and I really loved seeing them work with the guys and gals from The Point to take down the bad guys.


I just wanna make something clear, the heroes in this series are not good guys but they sometimes have good intentions—sometimes being the operative word here. Nassir Gates embodies everything that is The Point: crime, corruption, poverty and the fight for survival. He was born from war, literally, and he’s been fighting all his life just to keep breathing. Nassir is a man of little words but honestly he doesn’t even need them because his presence alone is scary as fuck. But no matter how scary Nassir is, I still found myself swooning over the guy. He’s a straight shooter, is always five steps ahead of the game and when he falls—he falls hard and I loved being able to see this other side to Nas.


Keelyn Foster couldn’t have been a more perfect match for Nassir. That girl has been fighting her whole life for something better and Nas is ready to give all that and more to her on a silver platter. Both Nas and Key have a whole ton of baggage, but being able to see these two work through their issues together and come out on top had me tearing up. They are literally willing to die for one another and honestly it was a close call towards the end of this story because I thought that one of them was gonna die for a minute there. Also, these two bring the HEAT! In the bedroom, in the office, in the lot of a car dealership, these two can’t keep their paws off each other once things get going but I was so here for it because I’ve been waiting for like two books for these two to finally get their shit together, lol.


The ending of Honor was a bit meh for me because I thought there could’ve been more action. I felt like the conflict was easily solved though at the same time I think Crownover was trying to show compassion for our “villain” for this book so I get why she may have chosen to turn things down a bit. Nonetheless, I still enjoyed this start to the new series and I was excited to continue the rest of the books.


I didn’t think that Avenged would be necessary to read but this little novella sets things up for Dignity so it is required to read this one before jumping right into the second book. Ben and Echo had a cute romance, a bit insta-lusty at times but I still enjoyed it.


If I had to describe my ideal guy, like hubby goals, my ride or die, it would be Snowden Stark. Y’all, this dude is the perfect blend of badass and genius and I am high key jealous of our heroine, Noe Lee. Stark is the first nerdy hero that Crownover has written and to be honest, I totally wasn’t expecting it. Stark still had the signature qualities of a Jay Crownover hero, but I totally loved seeing him talk code and just fuck up people’s lives all from the comfort of his laptop. Also, don’t let the glasses fool you, he is not afraid to cut someone if they cross him! 


So no shade (but shadeeee), the villain in this book totally represents everything that is wrong with our current government and the corrupt people who are abusing their power. I don’t think there’s a good enough adjective to describe just how vile this villain. He literally has no morals whatsoever and all the shit he pulled throughout this book made my skin crawl. I couldn’t wait for karma to catch up with this guy because he totally deserved all the hell that was coming for him.


Dignity probably has the most action of all the books in this series. While there is one main villain in this book, there are a few side characters from the past that come back and Stark and Noe have to work together to take them down. I also want to note that this book is probably the most hardest to read because of Noe’s past. She’s a victim of sexual abuse and her story is not an easy one to read but her strength is something to admire. She got the happily-ever-after she deserved in the end and she found someone to love her despite her broken parts.


Okay, okay so if you read my review for the Welcome to the Point series then you know that I have been dying—like DYING— for Noah Booker to have his shining moment and he finally did! I shipped Booker and Karsen Carter from the beginning because even though they were total opposites and there was the age difference, they were good for one another. Booker protected Karsen and Karsen showed Booker what it’s like to love and be loved by someone. Honestly their romance is so precious and it was so worth all those years of angst. 


Listen, I loved Race in Better When He’s Bold but man did his bitch ass piss me off throughout this series. He kept coming between Karsen and Booker when he should’ve been minding his own damn business!


I totally was not expecting this series to end like it did. I won’t spoil it but it was was just the cutest thing ever and brought such light and hope to a series that deals with such dark and heavy themes. I couldn’t have asked for a better ending and I’m so happy with how things worked out for everyone in The Point!


So yet another series by Jay Crownover has been crossed off my TBR and it’s such a bittersweet moment. I know Crownover said that she won’t be revisiting The Point in the future but I sure as hell will be when I reread this series for years to come! If you haven’t ready a book by Crownover yet, then hop to it because you are missing out on some really great romances and amazing characters!


HONOR: ★★★★
DIGNITY: ★★★★½


Have you read the The Breaking Point series yet? If not, are you planning on reading this series in the future? Let me know in the comments below!



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