Binging the Backlist: The Elements Series by Brittainy C. Cherry


Welcome back to Binging the Backlist! This month I decided to read the Elements series by Brittainy C. Cherry. Cherry is an author that I’ve had on my TBR for years now but for some odd reason, I never felt the urge to read her books. I know a lot of my blogger friends enjoy her books so I had no doubt that I would too and now that I finished my binge-read, I just wanna slap myself for not reading her books sooner. Also, I want to note that this series review may be a bit longer than my previous ones because I have A LOT of thoughts and I just need to get them all out there. Anyways, let’s get this review started!



I really couldn’t help myself with that play on words, lol! Any who, I’ve actually had a few of Cherry’s books on my eReader for years now and I just kept putting off reading them. I decided that the Elements series would probably be best to start with since it’s Cherry’s most popular series plus the books are short so if I had ended up not loving the series, at least I wouldn’t have wasted that much time reading it.


When I started the first book in this series, I was so not prepared for the emotional roller coaster I was about to be put on. I wasn’t aware that Cherry’s books were this emotional and luckily I had some really great friends who let me vent and scream and cry in their DMs. I would advise not reading this series in public and to have loads of Kleenex on standby because you’re gonna need them!


The Air He Breathes is the first book in this series and follows the story of two widows: Tristan Cole and Elizabeth Bailey. After losing both his wife and son, Tristan moved to a new town and cut off all ties with his family. He can’t seem to move on from the past and blames himself for his wife and son’s death. Lizzie is still struggling with the death of her husband but luckily she has her daughter who keeps her smiling even on her darkest days. Tristan and Lizzie end up being neighbors and at first, Tristan hates Lizzie and he’s just so damn mean! Eventually, the two end up in a neighbors with benefits relationship and they use each other to help them move on from the past. But after a while, they actually start developing feelings for one another and it’s just super angsty and even a bit dramatic at times. Personally for me, Tristan and Lizzie might have been my least favorite couple. They’re not a bad pair, but it just took me a lot longer to fall in love with their story.


The Air He Breathes has two plot twists and I felt like the first twist a was pretty obvious because it’s one that has been used so many times before. But the second twist had me on edge. I totally didn’t see it coming and I was shook and disgusted and I wanted to just throw something! But luckily karma came through and fix everything and Tristan and Lizzie ended up getting their happily-ever-after 2.0.


The Fire Between High and Lo had me in my feelings from the jump. I swear, it was like Cherry took all the saddest things she could think of and threw it into one book. Logan Silverstone and Alyssa Walters both grew up in toxic homes. Logan lives with his mother who abuses drugs and verbally abuses him. Logan’s father has been in and out of his life for years and when he does manage to show up, he physically abuses Logan. Honestly my heart broke for Logan because he couldn’t catch and break no matter how hard he tried. Then we have Alyssa who was abandoned by her father and she now lives alone with her mother who emotionally abuses and puts her down every chance she gets. Honestly, Alyssa is like the sweetest person ever so I hated when her mother would put her down. I just wanted to fight all the adults in this book because they were all assholes!


Though Logan has a crappy relationship with his parents, he has a great relationship with his older half-brother, Kellan. I loved Logan and Kellan’s relationship so much! Kellan never gave up on Logan even when he had hit rock bottom and he was Logan’s biggest cheerleader. The tables eventually turn and it’s Logan who has to be Kellan’s rock after some shocking news is dropped. All the scenes with Kellan and Logan made me sob my heart out.


Alyssa and Logan’s story was not an easy one to read. These two went from being the best of friends to falling deeply in love to then being torn apart and having to deal with a great loss. There was a lot of me yelling at my eReader because there was just so much drama and quite frankly it did exhaust me a bit. But it was worth it in the end because that ending was the cutest shit ever and it left me with the biggest grin on my face!


So going into The Silent Waters, I started to question my sanity and why I thought it was even a good idea to keep on going with my binge-read. Like I’m not even kidding, this series started to affect my mood because it was getting heavier and heavier with each book but I still couldn’t bring myself to put my eReader down. The third book is probably the heaviest because our main character, Maggie May Riley, stops speaking after she witness a horrific crime. She can’t bring herself to tell anyone what happened so instead she decides to stop speaking. This puts a strain on her relationship with her stepmother and stepsister and it creates a lot of tension in the home. The once happy family starts to crumble and it was just so hard to watch.


Maggie May and Brooks Tyler Griffin are definitely my favorite couple in this series. As a child, Maggie had the biggest crush on Brooks and she had even planned to marry him and Brooks was totally not here for it because he thought girls had cooties, lol. But after Maggie’s incident, he decides that the best way he could help Maggie was by being her friend and he starts hanging out with her. Music ends up being the thing that connects these two and they end up falling in love. Brooks is so sweet to Maggie and I loved that he never forced Maggie to speak or do anything she didn’t want to do. Maggie also would make Brooks read all her favorite books and they would each stick notes into the books while reading and it was soooo adorable, like they were passing love notes to one another.


The last 25% of this book is heavy af! Brooks ends up losing his way and Maggie is the only one who can save him from himself. Maggie’s past also comes back and she has to relive that trauma all over again and there were just a lot of tears. But my favorite part has to be seeing the Riley family come back together again. I really thought there was no hope for this family but dammit, Cherry even got them to fix their shit and it all worked out in the end.


Everyone told me that The Gravity of Us was by far their favorite book and they also said it was the lightest so I went into this book with high hopes that there wouldn’t be no tears. Jokes on me because I cried like three times and that was just at the 25% mark. But truly, the final book is the “lightest” of them all and while it’s emotional at the beginning, it gets very sweet at the end.


I did not like Graham Russell when he first came on the page. He’s a best-selling author who comes off cold and hard to read at first. He’s also incredible rude to our heroine, Lucille Palmer, which made me so mad because Lucy is just nice to everyone. It’s funny because Graham and Lucy are complete opposites and I never would’ve thought they would’ve worked as a pair. But Lucy helps Graham to loosen and not think so much but just live in the moment and I love that about her.


Lucy’s sisters are trash. I don’t even care that she ended up forgiving them, they’re trash and that’s that!


The plot twist for this final book was wild af and just also so wrong on all levels. I never saw that coming at all and it made my skin crawl. But how things ended for Graham and Lucy totally got rid of all my feelings of disgust and I was crying again because everything was just so cute! 


I binge-reading the Elements series in fours days and while I was such a mess, all the tears were so worth it. I now understand why so many readers love Cherry’s books and I plan on reading more of her books later this year, once I get my emotions together. If you haven’t read Cherry’s book yet, then don’t be like me and wait for another fours years to pass by. Go read them NOW!




Have you read the the Elements series yet? If not, are you planning on reading this series in the future? Let me know in the comments below!


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    That’s what I think of this review. I’m so glad you decided to finally take on this series. I’m amazed you did it in a binge. It took me a couple years to recover enough from book one to read another. You’re an emotional rock star!

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