Binging the Backlist: Billionaire Bad Boys by Max Monroe


Welcome back to Binging the Backlist! This month I decided to read the Billionaire Bad Boys series by Max Monroe. My friend Deanna had recommended this series to me over a year ago but my lazy ass never got around to reading it because of the number of books in the series. But I put my big girl panties on and decided that it was now or never and downloaded all the books from KU and started reading. It took me two weeks but yo gurl finally finished and well, I have lots of thoughts about this group of characters. Anyways, let’s get this review started!



I’ve literally had this series on my TBR for almost two years now but I kept putting it off because of the number of books in the series. There are technically three full books and four novellas but I’m familiar with Max Monroe’s writing and they tend to write longer books so I knew I was gonna be in for a long ride once I started this series…and boy was I so right about that!


Georgia Cummings in our leading lady in Tapping the Billionaire and there is a funny scene where she has an allergic reaction and she drinks benadryl to help combat the reaction and she ends up getting high off of it and does and says some out of character things to Kline Brooks. I low key felt some second-hand embarrassment for her but I was also laughing the whole time. It’s one of the most memorable scenes throughout this series.


Tapping the Billionaire is the first book in this series and I gotta say that it was a bit on the cliché side. A boss who runs a billionaire company who apparently never paid attention to his own director of marketing and then one day he lays eyes on her and he’s all love-struck about it…yeah super cliché. But since this book released back in 2016, I let it slide because I know billionaire romances were a big thing back then. I was also quite entertained by Kline and Georgia’s romance and how things came together for them so cliché-ness aside, this book wasn’t a bad start to a series.


Cassie Phillips is my favorite heroine in this series and I love her to bits! She is Georgia’s best friend and she is unfiltered and does whatever the hell she wants and that’s why she’s my favorite. She is a bit messy though because she puts herself into situations that she shouldn’t really be putting herself into and when things go wrong she somehow always manages to make it out clean. We could all learn a thing or two from Cassie, lol.


Walter aka Satan aka Kline’s cat is one of the funniest things about this series. Seriously, who knew a cat could cause so much trouble but this little dude literally gives no shit about anyone..well except for Georgia of course. The whole thing with Walter going missing in NYC was just too much and how everything ended up playing out was just too much as well.


Banking the Billionaire is probably the most sexiest book in this series and it had my cheeks painted red the whole time I was reading it. Our hero, Thatcher Kelly, has a dirty mouth and he knows just what to say and when to say it. Also, Thatch and Cass are always going at it like rabbits which is why this book was literal fire!


Georgia and Cassie are complete opposites but that’s why there friendship works! Georgia is the more sensible one and Cassie is the more bold one and they balance each other out. Cassie also gets Georgia into some situations and seeing them get out of it is just too funny. 


Since Cassie is my favorite heroine in this series it makes sense that Thatch is my favorite hero. I just love how down to earth he is and even though he’s a big goof ball most of the time, when Thatch says he means business, he means business. Like he’s not about playing games and when he falls in love, he falls hard. Whether we got serious Thatch or pulling pranks Thatch, I loved all parts of this man!


I totally called it when I said these chapters would be long and boy are some of them looonnnngggg. Even the novellas have long chapters which is why it took me two freakin’ weeks to finish the series!


So Thatcher does something super cute and unexpected and it had me squealing like a little baby. I legit dropped my phone and I could not deal because I was just so excited for what had happened.


While Banking the Billionaire was mostly cute and light, it does get a bit more heavy towards the end after the big conflict happens. I just wanted to throw something because both Cassie and Thatcher were being stubborn as hell and I just wanted them to fix their problems so things could go back to being all funny again.


At first, I was not a big fan of the novellas because they’re basically like extended epilogues that also created a set up for our next couple and while I initially thought that was unnecessary, the novellas eventually grew on me. The last two novellas are probably my favorite since they involve all of our couples and seeing all the shenanigans go down between them was too funny.


I was a bit unsure about how I felt about Wes Lancaster when I started Scoring the Billionaire because we don’t really know much about him other than the fact that he owns a football team and a restaurant. He’s a bit more private than Kline and Thatch and he doesn’t really do relationships either. So colored me surprised when we got to see the Wes in action trying to win over Winnie Winslow’s heart and the heart of Winnie’s daughter, Lexi. Seriously, who knew that Wes would be daddy material because I sure as hell didn’t and I think Wes sure as hell didn’t think he had it in him either, lol. But seeing Wes with Lexi was so freakin’ cute and literally killed my ovaries!


The friendship between Kline, Thatcher and Wes was one of my favorite thing about this series. I just loved how all the guys had each other backs and their phone convos where hilarious as fuck. It’s never a boring time once you get these three fellas in a scene together, lol.


There was some shit that went down with Scoring the Billionaire and it made me low key want to cry! It was like everything was going fine and then BAAAM, instead sadness and I was so not prepared for it.


Winnie’s daughter is so cute and I couldn’t get enough of her. She has ASD and is highly intelligent when it comes to math and reading. I thought Max Monroe did a great job at portraying a child with ASD and I liked that they actually made Lexi such a big part of Wes and Winnie’s story and she wasn’t shoved to the side once the romance started.


It took me two whole weeks but I finally finished the Billionaire Bad Boys series and boy am I tired but it was so worth it! I’m gonna miss this wild gang so much but I’m sure I’ll be seeing them again soon since I plan on reading the two spin-off series soon. You guys might get sick of me talking about Max Monroe but I want to cross their books of my TBR this year so y’all are just gonna have to put up with it, lol.




Have you read the the Billionaire Bad Boys series yet? If not, are you planning on reading this series in the future? Let me know in the comments below!


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