Binging the Backlist: St. Luke’s Docuseries by Max Monroe


Welcome back to Binging the Backlist! This month I decided to read the St. Luke’s Docuseries by Max Monroe. I figured I’d continue my binge-read of Max Monroe’s books since I was still running on a bit of a high after finishing the Billionaire Bad Boys series. Plus, this series is a lot shorter than the previous series so I knew I would fly through these books. Anyways, let’s get this review started!



Truth be told, I’m not a big fan of medical romances. I work in the medical field so reading stories that take place in this field don’t always work for me because I tend to nit pick if authors inaccurately portray something. But I gotta say, I felt like Max Monroe did a pretty good job at handling all the medical terms and practices throughout this series and I am truly impressed. Like, there was actual surgical scenes included in this series and I so wasn’t expecting that but I loved it!


The final novella in the Billionaire Bad Boys series unfortunately spoiled me for how things would end for Will and Melody and I was high key mad about this! So I’m just warning y’all, if you hate spoilers as much as I do, maybe don’t read Sleighed It until you’ve read Dr. OB.


When we met Dr. Will Cummings in the Billionaire Bad Boys series, he was so professional-like (if that’s even a word!). Like I couldn’t see him as a fuckboy but Dr. OB decided to let his fuckboy ways show out in this book. See, the docuseries that our three doctors are a part of was filmed a few months prior and the show kind of portrayed Will as a big flirt. Now the show has been released and literally all the women in NYC are making appointments to be treated by Will just so they can make a move on him. Some of these women had no shame in their game and they pulled some wild shit just to ask Will out. I was laughing my ass off with all these scenes because Will did not know what to do with himself and all the women. The scenes where he ran out the patient rooms were the best ones!


Melody and Will are just a whole mess. They’re constantly sneaking around because Melody doesn’t want to cause drama since she is the new nurse at the hospital and she doesn’t want it to look like she slept with the boss just to get her job. Melody is also present for when a lot of the shenanigans between Will and these patients that are hitting on him go down and she was cracking up while things were going down and I was cracking up with her, lol. 


Most of the characters from the Billionaire Bad Boys series make an appearance in Dr. OB and I was cheesing so hard! I love this bunch so much so I’m happy that we got to catch up with them and we also got to see their growing families with all the munchkins!


The first book in the St. Luke’s Docuseries was pretty decent, though I will admit that I found the romance to be a bit insta-lusty. Things just moved a little too fast for my liking when it came to Will and Mel’s romance and the conflict was resolved too easily as well. But it was still and entertaining read!


Honestly, I just wanted to note how much I love Thatcher Kelly. May he never change his ways, lol!


When I saw that the hero for the next book was named Dr. Scott Shepard, I had to laugh because we all know McDreamy inspired that last name. Unlike Will, Scott loves the fame that the docuseries has brought him and he’s become the hottest bachelor in NYC. He’s a huge flirt and he knows how to win the ladies over with his smile.


Scott likes to dance and sing in his ER and it’s a little weird but funny at the same time. 


Harlow Paige is a mess. This book starts off with her ending up in the ER due to a sex injury that leaves her with gash on her forehead. Poor Harlow really can’t catch a break when it comes to dating, lol. Anyways, Scott ends up being the one to stitch her up and she ends up writing an article about the hot doctor in her column. Scott, who doesn’t realize that Harlow was the patient he stitched up, totally plays into Harlow’s little game—until he finds out her true identity. 


The first half of this book is very light and I spent most of it laughing at the banter between Harlow and Scott. But things take a turn during the second half of the book and I really thought that Scott was gonna lose his medical license or worse, end up in jail. The flip in the tone of the story caught me off guard but I liked the direction this story took and it worked for these two because the conflict that occurred also forced Scott and Harlow to deal with the commitment issues that were holding them both back from letting the other one in. 


The final book in this series was one that I was least looking forward to because I was not a fan of Dr. Nick Raines going into this book. If you read the Billionaire Bad Boys series, then you know that Nick was a pretty shitty father and he had this arrogance to him that was such a turn off. I seriously didn’t think he deserved an HEA but at the same time, I needed to know who was gonna be the girl to break down Nick’s armor and win his heart because it sure wasn’t gonna be an easy task.


Lexi is still as cute as ever! I really enjoyed seeing Nick and Lexi bond and dammit, if this little girl found it in her heart to forgive Nick then I sure as hell could too. 


It took some time…but I eventually came around to Nick and my hatred for him became less and less the more I got to know him. I still do think he was a total ass for leaving Winnie and Lexi like he did, but he’s doing his best to make up for lost time now and he’s actually sticking to his promises so I gotta cut him slack for that.


The plot twist for Dr. Neuro literally made me drop my eReader and jump up from my bed. I totally was not expecting things to come full circle like it did and I was just in such shock. This plot twist is also one that could’ve gone all wrong but Max Monroe did a good job at not going over the top and I liked how things ended up working out for Nick and Charlotte.


I’m so happy to be crossing yet another Max Monroe series off my TBR! If you enjoy medical romances, then I definitely recommend giving this series a read. Now I finally get to read the Mavericks Tackle Love series and I’m so freakin’ excited for it! This series has gotten quite a bit of hype so it better live up to it!


DR. OB: ★★★½
DR. ER: ★★★★

DR. NEURO: ★★★★

Have you read the St. Luke’s Docuseries yet? If not, are you planning on reading this series in the future? Let me know in the comments below!



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9 thoughts on “Binging the Backlist: St. Luke’s Docuseries by Max Monroe

  1. Aren’t you glad you went ahead and read this series despite Nick? Especially since god’s book had all sorts of surprises? I really loved reading your review of this series. It was fun to experience it through your eyes.

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  2. Ari, I don’t like you. You’re making me add books to my never-ending tbr list. And series, at that! I’m sold on this series. I want to meet Will, Scott and interestingly enough, Nick. But ugh, I have to read the other series first to have more insight! This is bad lol I think the two doctors I’m most interested in are Scott because he sings and dances lol Kinda scared on the drama of his book, though. And Nick, to see him bonding with Lexi. I’m a sucker for single dad’s or just dad’s with their kids. Great reviews, girl!
    Genesis @ Whispering Chapters

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    1. Lol, there ain’t nothing wrong with a never-ending TBR! You won’t ever run out of books to read! I hope you enjoy this series once you get to it. Max Monroe’s books are just such a fun time and they’ll have you laughing your ass of the whole time!


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