Top Ten Tuesday: Auto-Buy Authors


Happy Tuesday!

Top Ten Tuesday is a bookish meme hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. This week’s topic is Auto-Buy Authors. I swear, this topic has been done twice before but for the life of me I can’t locate the previous posts so I’m just gonna be mostly listing recent authors I’ve added to my auto-buy list and hopefully it doesn’t sound too repetitive.

Let’s begin!


Max Monroe Helen Hoang Meghan Quinn Lucy  Parker Image result for kennedy ryan

1. Max Monroe: This author duo is so freakin’ hilarious and I’ve enjoyed pretty much all of their series. If you love rom-com romances then you definitely need to give their books a try!

2. Helen HoangShe’s only penned two books but I already know Hoang will be one of those authors who can never write a bad book. Also, her heroes are seriously drool-worthy.

3. Meghan Quinn: Whether it be a rom-com or a sweet, small-town romance, Meghan Quinn can write it all and her ability to create an enjoyable story no matter the sub-genre is why I love her books so much.

4. Lucy Parker:  Lucy Parker is literally one of the only authors who can get me to read a book written in third person. Also, if you haven’t read Parker’s London Celebrities series yet, maybe you wanna reconsider the bad life decisions you’re making??

5. Kennedy RyanQueen of constantly leaving me in the fetal position after finishing one of her books. That pretty much sums up why Ryan is only auto-buy list.

Devney Perry Sara Ney Photo by Chris Malpass K.  Webster

6. Devney PerryIf I’m in the mood for some small town romances, then Devney Perry is my go-to author to get my fix. I’m seriously in love with her heart-warming stories and I can’t wait for her MC romance releasing later this year.

7. Sara Ney: Sara Ney is the author that made me fall back in love with new adult romances and I can’t get enough of her shenanigan filled romances.

8. Emma ScottQueen of inspirational romances that will touch the deepest parts of your soul. That’s all I have to say about Scott’s books and why she’s on my list.

9. Chanel Cleeton: It only took one book for me to fall in love with Cleeton’s writing and two books for her to land a spot on my auto-buy list. She’s also probably the only author who can get me to read women’s fiction even though I’m not a fan of the genre. 

10. K. Webster: Listen, I know Webster writes questionable books but dammit I will continue to read them because I’m trash, lol.


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4 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Auto-Buy Authors

  1. Helen Hoang was on my list too!!! I have never read Max Monroe, Devney Perry, Emma Scott, or Lucy Parker! I have books from all of them on my TBR though.
    I have never been able to give K. Webster a shot after The Wild. That book was just TOO MUCH and I am not sure I would ever like any of her books.

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  2. I need to read Max Monroe!!! I haven’t read Meghan Quinn in a long while. I need to dive back. Okay, I obviously need to pick up London Celebrities series by Lucy Parker. I love Devney so much!!! Sara Ney is freaking amazing and I can’t believe I forgot to add her on my list! I have read one series by Chanel Cleeton and totally adored it. I need to pick up her recent novels. I haven’t read anything by K. Webster but I guess I should? Where should I start? Give me all the recs for these authors on where I should start! I’m searching for new things to read that aren’t ARCs.
    Genesis @ Whispering Chapters

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